Saturday, July 07, 2007


I'm energized

Between my thighs

But there's little I can do

If absence makes the heart grow fonder

What does it do for you?

It drives me crazy

I'm climbing the walls

Soon I should be insane

If abstinence is what it's about

Then what is there to gain?

This lack of use

Seems a bit obtuse

I fight it all the time

If withholding is the proper way

Did you forget I'm in my prime?

I'm constantly seeking

Ways around it

Looking for methods to cheat

If use it or lose it applies to all

Tell me how can I cool this heat?

By the time our day

Rolls around

For us to finally meet

I'm telling you now it won't be long

Till we're together beneath the sheets

But meanwhile as my brooding grows

And I am filled with wonders of when

I can tell you this with certainty

I will be like a virgin again.

Copyright ©2007 man&SippingTheVastSpring
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Friday, July 06, 2007

it feels like August in July!

I got up today and worked out...stripped the beds to wash the sheets.......made breakfast....worked a bit......took a "break" to go mow the backyard......basically weeds as the grass is still pretty much dead.

I then came back in and worked some more.....and wrote for a bit..took another break to run errands and hit up Walgreens for a couple things and run to the bank to make a deposit.....fed Noah.....decided to get the truck washed and sweep it out . I came home to do the interior detailing and windows.

I then decided to mow the front and side all the weeds would be evenly removed.....I trimmed.....came back in and showered.....washed my clothes.......and now am ready to give Noah a bath....

then I can eat something...and then.......then......

WORK some more.

I keep hearing the locusts outside already....I think the heat has them convinced it is AUGUST!

I heard the locusts today....

For the first week in July...that is early....we usually do not hear them till mid August about 2 weeks prior to school starting. SO I found it interesting today when I opened the front door to get the mail the locusts would be chirping away in the trees!

It made me want to write a poem here it is:

I heard the locusts again today...

High up in the trees

Creating such a racket

One could barely hear the breeze

I stood a bit in disbelief

To hear this sound so soon

Back in childhood days

This was a sign of doom

Cause it always occurred in August

Bout' two weeks before school would start

When time only seemed to escalate

And our summer days would soon part

Copyright ©2007 man&SippingTheVastSpring
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Thursday, July 05, 2007

A taste...

Would you like a taste?
I think you would...
Your tongue is saying YES
Your mouth begins to water
Just thinking of this quest

You moisten your lips
With your tongue
The same as you could mine
Oooh baby what you'd do to me
Is nothing short of divine

Do I sense you are aroused a bit?
Would you like to drop down low?
I know you never want to quit
Cause honey you're such a pro

You certainly know how to turn me on
In many more ways than one
You need not worry I'll interrupt
At least not before you're done.

copyright 2007 - man/SippingTheVastSpring


You keep saying you need to lose 40 pounds
Of lifetime fat and blubber
Why don't you just unleash the hounds
To tear away at your suit of rubber

You know the one....worn by all the players
You tried it on years ago
And have continued adding layers
By putting on such a show

Your lies and deceit keep piling up
You're in it oh so deep
Why don't you try just shutting up
You really are such a creep

copyright 2007 - man/SippingTheVastSpring

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

a most amazing butterfly......or moth.....

I thought butterfly till I saw it up close.....then I was not so sure. I had just sprayed the flowers with water and it was really enjoying the nectar and water I guess......If you look closely....I swear it was staring back at me.......and you can see all the detail in the antennae......and the body on the topside resembled a BAT..with legs and wings fascinating!

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-04

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-04

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-04

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-04

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-04

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-04

Monday, July 02, 2007

just a pissy ass mood...

Noah and I went to see local fireworks last night. Upon our return when I opened the front door a BIG-ASS spider jumps up the stoop and RUNS into the house. I am trying to STOMP HIM.....not sure if I got him or not. I never saw him again even after moving furniture.....but it creeped me out because it looked JUST LIKE THE SPIDER FROM THE VENT IN THE BATHROOM the other night!

Sunday, July 01, 2007


I put clean sheets on my bed and Noah's bed......go to the bathroom to change into my PJs......and what do I spy on the floor?????? A BIG-ASS spider! I was barefoot....if I had shoes on I would have squished him immediately to make sure he did not escape to sneak back up on me at a later time. I had to walk around the corner to grab my the time I came back Mr. Spider decided to high tail it back towards the vent where he came from......I managed to swat him ONCE before he hit the slat in the vent and slipped through! CRAP! Now I have to worry and wonder about that spider and if he will be waiting to surprise my sleepy butt one morning or in the middle of the night if I have to make a quick pit stop! I have no bug spray so I did spray the entire vent with Lysol spray...thinking maybe a CLEAN disinfectant smell would act as a deterrent for him to re-enter my house via that vent. Oh this means maybe he will come back up in MY vent in MY bedroom? OR living room? I feel very creepy crawly!

I went to see my parents tonight for a bit...had a nice visit. I always take my camera with me most everywhere I go now....and definitely on a trip there and back because I always seem to capture some amazing sunsets! I did again...and snapped some while driving which I know is not the safest thing to do. In fact it is dangerous.....I did finally pull off the road and should have stayed off the road at a good spot to get better photos and be are a couple..
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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-06-30

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-06-30

This reminds me of a Charlie Brown looks like someone took pastel chalk and colored the sky canvas! The Peanuts videos always had skies that resembled was gorgeous!

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-06-30

The bell tower and clock are always lit at night....and very pretty

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-06-30

I am tired and want to go to bed but also now wondering if I can ever go to sleep and not worry or wonder about Mr. Spider........crap! I mean I don't want it crawling over me in bed when I sleep or in my ears or nose or mouth! YIKES! AND this was NO SMALL spider....crap........CRAP!