Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I think I have a special needs cat......and I just can't give up on him yet....

He has been attacking me and Noah on a regular basis.  I think part of his problem is lack of exercise, play time and stimulation.  Today I started some new routines where Noah and I play with Opie.....and give him some activity several times during the day.  He has only tried to get my legs a couple of times and those were more half-hearted thank goodness. Otherwise he slept most of the time in between play time.   Maybe he will end up being okay after all.  I hope so....because I have now grown attached to him....which I did not think I had and I could easily let him go to another place to live......but I am attached.  If he is not happy I will find him a new home....but I really want to see if I can make this work.  I am  a very determined person....either that or I have a slight masochistic side.

Otherwise today it rained all day.  I would have loved to be catnapping with someone I love........but I had to work. 

I found a couple more houses to go look Friday I hope. 

I cannot believe we are halfway into May.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the Kymaro body shaper.......yeah right......

Perhaps if you could actually get a Kymaro body shaper ON it might SHAPE your body. Most women however, even buying a size larger, can rarely pull the top shaper up past their knees!

One night late at night I was flipping channels on my television and saw an infomercial for this Kymaro body shaper. Even though I wondered how one might be able to breathe when wearing a Kymaro body shaper, I have to admit they had a good sales pitch....and they sucked me into thinking I needed to buy decided to order one.

I don't really know why. Do I need a body shaper? Probably not.......not because I don't need to shape my body but because I don't need to spend that kind of money on something that is probably too good to be true.

The Kymaro body shaper is supposed to smooth out all your lumps and bumps and flatten your stomach and where all that excess goes is a mystery to me. When mine arrived and I pulled it out of the box it seemed rather stiff to me. I unfolded it and had to laugh out loud after seeing the size of it and said to myself "yeah right!" I began to wonder how I was supposed to step into this and pull it up to my knees let alone over my ass...and then my finally end up on the TOP portion of my body. I had a funny feeling I was going to get a work out.

I contemplated putting the shaper on OVER my head and pulling it down into place.......but was afraid it would stuck get around my neck and I would asphyxiate myself. I could not imagine being found with a body shaper taut around my neck and naked purple body dangling below it...all lumpy and bumpy.

SO I began at the feet. I managed to get one foot actually INTO the shaper before almost falling down. This caused me to bust out laughing. I fell back onto the bed...and wondered if I could even get back up. I managed somehow....and began PULLING the body shaper UP.

The body shaper needs to come with a couple of handy helpers who can magically pull the shaper up and over your body properly......and then return a short time later to remove it. It took me a long time to get it up.....and once I had it in place.....I had more rolls and lumps and bumps than I ever have in my entire life. This made me laugh even harder and I thought to myself this would be a great game to play at a family reunion! A Kymaro body shaper race of sorts...seeing who could put one on faster.....OVER clothed bodies!

I wondered how any sized or not.....could effectively wear this undergarment and survive for even a few minutes let alone for a night on the town. AND if she did venture out and got lucky ...the Kymaro bottom body shaper would be better than any chastity belt. I can pretty much guarantee no man would be able to remove it from her body with his bare hands, or a helper, or even a wench. Perhaps a pair of scissors but it is doubtful one would be able to place the scissors in between your pinched skin and the body shaper to begin cutting anything. It is most likely your flesh is the only thing that would end up getting cut.

HOW I managed to finally wiggle and maneuver my way out of the Kymaro body shaper I have no clue. I wrote my adventure off as my work out of the century as I had beads of sweat all over my body......which only made the Kymaro body shaper stick even more so to my already hot, sweaty body.

How would I RATE the Kymaro body shaper? For a body shaper a THUMBS DOWN....for obvious reasons.

I would give it 5 stars and a HUGE THUMBS UP however, for use as a catapult to launch fighter jets off military ships or to stop them when coming in for a landing.

Ladies, if you are up late at night and the Kymaro body shaper ad appears on your television screen....quick......change that channel! Do your body a your money.......and enjoy breathing a little longer.

Don't we make ANYTHING in the USA anymore?

I am so sick of this!  I decided to buy Walgreen's brand of Prilosec today as it was a lot cheaper than the name brand version.  I have had success with other Walgreen brand products.  I am an avid label reader and now always try to see where a product is MADE.  This was MADE IN ISRAEL!!!!!  ISRAEL????????  Can we not manufacture Walgreen brand over the counter drugs ourselves here in the USA??

MOST TIMES now if it says MADE IN CHINA I put it back.  Even if it is something I might really want to have or even need.  I do not trust ANYTHING coming from China.  To me there is no excuse for the United States of America allowing ANY crap to be made within our own country let alone pay to IMPORT more crap from China.

Now they are talking about sending US people over to China to help CLEAN UP and STRAIGHTEN out the mess over there.  Excuse me? ??  I say BRING THE PRODUCTS AND JOBS AND DEMAND BACK into our own country and let our own workers have those jobs. 

I cannot honestly recall seeing a label that said MADE IN THE USA now for a very long time.  Can you?  I do not even remember the last time I saw such a label.  It used to make me feel good to see those labels and I always felt I was getting a good quality product.....and it was safe. 

Sure we have had a few snafus along the way......but nothing that compares to the lead issues and other toxic wastes  being added to products MADE IN CHINA that then become "tainted" and ready to ship to the USA.  I think they have now included that as the final phase of their production lines.  "Oh wait.....we forgot to add the lead!" It is so ridiculous  now.   And they have come up with very clever ways to cover it all is not like they did not know what has been going on.  AND if they did not......where are OUR authorities whose job it is to make sure CHINA CRAP coming into our country is safe to begin with?  I think too many have been sleeping on the job and just passing the buck to someone else.  AND everyone is just too lazy and don't really give a crap anyway unless it affects them directly.  Well it is affecting them directly but they have too much LEAD in their brain to even be aware of it!

As I have said all along (and I am hoping and praying some big-shot government officials finally get the idea to follow through on my hopes) would have been cheaper to have kept those products and jobs in the USA all along.  The cost now of fixing this mess we find ourselves, especially if they send US people now to China to fix this......will be HUGE!  This is then reflected the price of a product.  So much for saving the almighty dollar!  AND this does not take into account all the lawsuits people will file with these companies for a loved one  or family member dying from a tainted product or suffering other physical ailments. 

This has become a very touchy subject for me.  IT can actually make my stomach tighten up into knots.....almost makes me want to puke.   Or maybe it's just a case of lead poisoning.

Meanwhile my cat has decided to eat me up for dinner....but he apparently never gets full.  I think my cat is going to have to find a new home to live in I am getting tired of being attacked.  Here is his latest to my left foot.....this morning....oh yeah......what a wonderful way to start my day!