Saturday, January 04, 2003

Well....I finally managed to get a shower and get dressed around 4:30-5:00 p.m.!! Was one of those days where you just wanted to lay around and sleep! I ordered Scooby Doo on Pay Per View. It was pretty cute. Balanced my checkbook and all that. All okay there. Changed the sheets....did some dishes and made Noah some supper. Keith and I are not too hungry yet as we had popcorn during the movie. I just got Noah off the computer and playing with some new toys he got for Christmas. I imagine my journal sounds pretty boring and dull to most..hahahah. Not sure what if any plans we will make for tomorrow. I may run into work tomorrow night instead of Monday night so I can take my Christmas decorations the sweeper and clean it up...(I can only imagine what it looks like being gone for 2 weeks and someone else using it during that time). I then need to organize my work load and hopefully still end up with only enough work to do at home then to continue having a clean slate!! I DO HOPE that will be the case. Won't be long and it will be tax time. I am excited this year about doing it. We bought this condo so we should get a lot more back by paying out all that interest so far. Over 3500.00 for a half year already!!

Not much else happening here. Nice quiet night at home. Christmas lights on.....candles lit. More later.

Thursday, January 02, 2003

On vacation till Jan 6th!! FINALLY a few days to do absolutely anything I want including NOTHING but being still! (If I want). Amazing. I ordered Ice Age on Pay Per View was pretty good. I know over the next few days I will need to get myself back into my old routine and hours. I am tired now and could actually go on to bed....not sure why. I really did not do too much. Keith, Noah and I ran to the mall and Barnes and Noble. Found great buys at both places!! I picked up some wonderful buys on ornaments for gifts for next year at 75% off!!!! Incredible. Most stores had things 50-75% off! May have to go back!! Anyway...Keith is at work. Noah is now in bed. I figured I would sign on line for a bit and see if anyone else happened to be on line at the same time. Was tickled on New Year's Day that many of my family members actually called me up to talk and wish me a Happy New Year. That was nice and totally unexpected!! Got a package today from Becky. She sent me the Horse of a Different Color Christmas ornament Hallmark had out this year!! WOW! I guess she went back to work today. I did not sign on line till after she apparently had left for the day. Melissa called me....things are working out already for her...what a blessing. God is so good and so faithful. He continues to provide way beyond my expectations.....desires and needs. HE truly knows best!! I sit and wonder sometimes about people getting older....and all that. Wonder what they look forward to if anything in their life. I can see where it could be easy to let yourself get depressed!! Keith's kids and his dad came over last night for Christmas. We had a good time. His dad's hip was really bothering him. He may have to have a hip replacement surgery. Keith is still moody....acting odd. Not sure what if anything may really be wrong or if he is just experiencing those normal thoughts you begin to experience at our ages!! I don't get to a point in your life where you think you will be around forever. Then one day you wake up and you are 40 PLUS!!!! And time just keeps on moving faster and faster.....seems sometimes you just are existing to live and pay bills. But there is so much more to life than that. Noah is such a joy and blessing!! I THANK GOD for his life and bringing him into our lives everyday. I LOVE him so much and never dreamed it would be possible to love a child as much as I do Noah. We have such a strong bond...I want to be with him always!!! BUT...I also know if I truly love him he is not really mine and never for forever.....Anyway..I can tire myself out let alone others with all these thoughts. It is totally exhausting. Will rest for a bit and write more later.

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

AAAAGGGGHHHHH! Almost an entire month has slipped past without me entering ONE WORD!~What can I say? No excuses that is for sure. Seems holidays make for shorter days and not enough time!! Seems you never have enough of it this time of year. We took a trip to Ohio to see some family over Christmas. Was nice but chaotic as usual. Noah got bit in the nose by my parent's dog. Seems something always happens to him when we are there!! Had a few nice visits but most of the time we just spent running around after Noah to make sure he did not touch something he should not or get into something he should not or chase the dog ...etc. TIRING to say the least!! Time is surely slipping away though. Before we knew was time to say goodbye and head back home. Everyone seems to look more tired these days..INCLUDING MYSELF!! Everyone is changing and getting older. Some are gone. Time definitely stands still for NO ONE.....It was so nice to get back home though. I am so thankful for my beautiful home and family, my health.....finances and all my blessings. God has been so faithful and good to provide!!

I am will sign off for now. Just thinking of my trip can tire me out..hahaha. Will write more later. Tonight is New Year's EVE!! Happy NEW YEAR everyone!!