Sunday, December 30, 2012

vintage mixed media

 I was really inspired by a vintage photograph I saw of this little girl so I decided to use her as a model and do a sketch and dry brush painting to put over a flop portrait I created yesterday which to me reminded me too much of a monkey face. I glued this one OVER the poor if anyone ever takes the layers off they will be surprised to find what is underneath. I like this much better lol

Another creation.....

started out doing a charcoal sketch..never worked with charcoal it!

then I made a collage type background tearing strips of paper and gluing them to Bristol Board paper

then I tore out my sketch and glued it to the background

then I used my fingertips to add acrylic paints to the background and then I dry brushed INKA GOLD on the background and started dry brushing colors to the face

I also put a coat of gold shimmer Mod Podge over the background and hair...

this is final....