Friday, January 02, 2004

Keith says he keeps having a recurrent dream about SOMEONE in the family NOT being here next Christmas? Wonder what that is all about?
Had a dream the other night about MANY snakes...all around me in a house...they were everywhere. I started catching them and putting them in cages...but there soon were just too many. EVERYONE in the entire house had to flee the place..and we had snakes in cages in our cars...not sure WHY....but they were all over. Some poisonous and some not..some trying to bite me but they never did. I was wondering WHAT dreaming about snakes might mean...I found many things...this was the BETTER answer I guess that I liked...haha

In an earlier time - at about the turn of this century - if you asked an analyst about the significance of snakes in dreams he would have told you that they represent sexual or libidinal energy. More specifically - you would have been informed that snakes in dreams are phallic in nature - and that they represent the penis.

In an even earlier time, however - at the turn of this millenium - you would have received a different interpretation to your dream. Had you made the pilgramage to a Greek Aesclepion - a temple that specialized in the interpretation of dreams - the visitation of a snake to your dream would have been treated as a great omen. In earlier times, snakes were viewed as symbols of health and healing. If you were ill and dreamed of a snake - it meant that your disease or illness would be cured.

If you look carefully in today’s modern world, you will see the snake as a symbol of healing on an almost daily basis. Next time you visit a doctor or see an advertisement for physicians or a medical association - take a closer look at the logo adopted - and used everywhere - by the medical profession. It is the familiar “staff of Aesclepius.” Aesclepius was the Greek god of healing, and on his walking stick - his staff - a snake is coiled.

In modern dream interpretation, snakes are viewed as symbols of change - in addition to being representative of sexual energy and “the vital force.” Snakes are viewed as symbols of change because they shed their skins. Continuing on this theme, snakes also are seen as symbols of metamorphosis and transition - including life and death - because they shed the old and put on the new.

The central theme of your dream is transformation. The electrical charges can be interpreted as the beginning risings of the Kundalini or vital force within you. The toddler, also, is an apt symbol for re-birth and innocence. And while you find yourself in a meadow of wonderous beauty - you appear to be reminded - by the presence of the snake - that all is not as it appears on the surface. The grass rising up to your neck appears to be a symbol of your unconscious - which was below you - rising up to the surface. You want to avoid the snake (change) but suddenly you find millions of them surrounding you. You and your friend flee - but it also is interesting that the toddler does not necessarily make it out of the paddock with you. Being newborn and innocent - the dream suggests that he is either unafraid or unharmed by the snakes.

Your dream suggests that a period of growth and change - represented by the snakes - is upon you. It is natural to fear and resist change initially - as represented by your running from the snakes - but it also is important to recognize change as a natural, everyday part of living. The arrival of snakes in our dreams are signs that we need to prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally for a new period of growth and development.

Hallmark's website has been down for ONE week now. That amazes me that a site of their magnitude would be down for a week? about bad for business!
well...A NEW YEAR already! Hard to believe 2003 is over! Saw Peter Pan a week ago and it was great!! Could have included MORE flying those and the special effects were excellent. BUT.....not enough for me but it was good nonetheless. Hard to also believe my TWO WEEK vacation is ending this weekend!! YIKES...where in the world did that go?? Been feeling okay.....have a couple of good days and then feel like crappo again. Today I am super tired. We had Keith's kids and dad over for Christmas last night and exchanged gifts. That went much better than I anticipated...and that is how it usually does go. We all actually had a great time and enjoyed gift exchanging. Dale is engaged to Terra now and Kelley to Richard. Two diamond rings on Christmas day! WOW!

Well...I did a dumb thing. I felt bad for the local squirrels so I started tossing out whole nuts on our balcony. Noah started talking to the squirrel through our sliding glass door to get it to come up to the door. This one squirrel is super tame..will come right up to the door and look right through the glass. He would take things right out of your hand if you offered it to him. I am a bit leary to have a squirrel that tame hanging around. I don't want anyone to get bit! BUT.....I tossed some nuts out...he kept coming up. I went in to dry my hair I had washed and Noah was still by the door. I decided I better check on both Noah and the squirrel as I had our balcony door open a crack to let fresh air in...and sure enough..THAT SQUIRREL was chewing a HOLE right in the bottom of our screen door. The hole was big enough and he was already halfway through and inside our house! I shut the door just in time and the squirrel finally (after MANY dirty looks) went away. I could just see him coming into our house and jumping on the tree and flying all around...>ALL we would need. A renactment of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie where the squirrel is inside their live Christmas tree and gets loose inside the house! we will have to replace the screen door (which we were going to this summer anyway) more feeding the squirrels I guess. I will toss some out to the grass below perhaps but that is it! NOW of course I feel super bad because these hungry squirrels come up and look around and no food is there for them. Better to have them get us OFF their list of goodies NOW I guess.

Let's see....I verified my 3000 mg dose of antibiotics was correct. My house is in order except for our bedroom and catching up on some things. That is good. I am getting anxious for spring already...(NOT GOOD)....and snow is on the way perhaps tomorrow for us here in Colorado.

I am tired...will rest for now...more later. (MMMMMMUUUUNCH!)

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I changed the template for my blog....but now my old link to my blog does not seem to show the updates and things I have added. Not sure what is wrong. Perhaps it works for anyone and everyone if anyone else is looking at it. I will go in and see if I can find a new link somewhere