Wednesday, August 13, 2003 has been a super long time since I wrote anything in here. Been so hot this summer....100 degree gas and electric (air conditioning) bill went up 75.00 in one month from using the AC pretty much nonstop I guess. I am so thankful and feel blessed to have it.

Noah went swimming in our pool the other day. I think he would go everyday if we let him. Today was his orientation at school. Looks like they will have a lot more kids this year in his class....and he has all new teachers except for 1....and all new kids. Some of the kids to me seemed kind of rough and bratty....but...unfortunately I guess he will be exposed to all kinds in life and he will need to learn how to handle certain situations. I know the teachers also do their best usually with watching the kids to teach them acceptable behavior..etc. I hope all goes well for him this year..he is really looking forward to it. I worry as usual...but try not to. I am sure all mothers do...wish I could protect him from everything bad in the world. I guess he would end up being a social misfit if I did that. to school next week he goes. He loves it a lot and he is really looking forward to going back this year. His new classroom seems to have more areas for him to play in....and some neat things set up for him to do. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

I have a headache. My annual review is tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. Hopefully that will go well. Guess I will find out then.

I have completed 2 major projects here at home that have been hanging over my head and bugging me....a book for here at home with important information we might need in case of an emergency and a manual for work. My manual for work ended up being like 4-6 inches thick..but think it is very good. I guess I am anal retentive on some things. BUT..those are major accomplishments for me...I just wonder why I don't feel like I accomplished much. I still have some things I want to get done here at home this fall...but having those 2 BIG things done should make it easier for me to get the smaller things done.

Not much else new here. Keith's ex is selling their former home. YIPEEEE!! Legally his name will then come off that old mortgage!! WHICH IS GOOD thing as Martha always says.

Someone in our lot keeps dinging up our car doors...makes me ticked. Can't keep much nice these days it seems.

They are building a huge hospital not too far from our home. I imagine there will be all kinds of job possibilities for people in that area. The Children's Hospital is supposed to be moving in 2006 or 2007 to the old Fitzsimmons Army Base for their NEW hospital. I am not sure about making that drive even occasionally. I guess I would have to actually try it ou sometime and see how it goes.

Made some homemade ice cream las night. Good but you can get a BRAIN FREEZE headache every time you eat it At least I do...I guess cause it is so cold.

Well..I need to send some cards and letters out tonight on my way into work. I should probably call grandma Custer as I have not sent her anything now for a couple or more weeks. I feel bad about that.

Brought home some paint cards from Lowes to look at. We are going to do some painting this fall. I also want to put a new floor in the bathroom. There is old linoleum in there now...and I am hoping I can put a new floor right over the old linoleum. ANYTHING woud be better than what is there now. I also would like to replace or fix the kitchen faucet. Going to paint the kitchen and redo the cabinets and put up some wallpaper borders in the dining room and kitchen and bath and bedrooms. Think I will just paint a mural on Noah's wall.

Well..I am supposed to be doing some work so I better get back to it. More later.