Saturday, October 04, 2003

Warmer today than it has been in a while. It is actually around 75 degrees today. Did all our laundry up. Keith helped a little bit there. I had work to finish this morning. Got SOME of that done. Now I guess I will have to run downtown to the hospital to work tonight for a bit. Then back again Monday night. I should have probably ran down last night. Anyway....Keith and Noah went to the park this morning for a little bit. Then they called me to come pick them up. Noah was too tired to walk home I guess. We had lunch. Been busy since. Here I have a lot around the house to do....and Keith is too busy sitting on his butt watching television....and eating to watch Noah so I get work done. That is typical. Meanwhile....I try to get things done at other times...and with my schedule and lack of sleep it makes it hard. It has been all I can do lately to get my hours in for work..let alone do all this other stuff I have waiting around here to do. I need to reorganize our closets...and finish cleaning. Now of course it is time to clean it has been at least a week since I did it the last time. Last load of laundry is that will be done. I think I will take my little storage bins I got at the dollar store into the bathroomand work on that closet. Should be able to get it done. It will be a free for all at supper. Noah I will fix something for. Keith is on his own as I will be. I have NEVER in my life known anyone as NOSEY as KEITH though. NOT sure if he is afraid he will miss something or thinks I am talking about him or what. NOTHING gets past him with me sitting here writing at the computer. NOTHING!! Can be very irritating. to accomplish something. Here I wanted to finish decorating the house for fall this weekend. Looks like that will be tough to complete now.

More later.