Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 17 for Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017 taught by Olga Furman

Week 17 -taught by Olga Furman

I used William Bougereau's painting Girl With Grapes for my inspiration.......followed the lesson and incorporated some of the same colors from the lesson and switched it up a bit......loved this lesson.......check the side bar for a link to Olga Furman's website and click on CLASSROOMS once there to get more information on this year-long wonderful course!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Recent artwork for Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017 and new course Petit Papillon - check sidebar for links

The first 3 are sketches I have done for Petit Papillon...a wonderful course taught by Olga Furman...having so much fun with these babies!

Lesson 1 - charcoal
 more of Lesson 1
 and more lol
The rest is an assortment of art I am either working on or have completed for Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017 - you can go to my Flickr page if you want more details..just wanting to also share here


Week 15

Week 16 - Roses and Leaves

Week 12 - Bear Medicine sculpture

Week 15 - layers of me

more of week 15