Monday, January 08, 2007

so far...

Since I decided to work last night for a bit....I ended up on the sofa to sleep because I did not want to sleep too long......wanting to call tony before he left to go to the hospital. Crappy me....I overslept......missed talking to him before he left.

I did read my horoscope today and found it interesting.....talking about how I would have all this energy to do things and may as well get them done!

So.......I was looking around at all my Christmas stuff feeling sort of suffocated and smothered.....finding it hard to believe Christmas was even here already. The temps here have been unseasonably warm.......and the most snow we have seen in this area so far would be what you see below on the slide show I made.

The day was bright and sunny.....and to be honest....while I love Christmas and all......I have already had my fill of the tree and decorations. I wanted to get my house back in order so the rest of my life and semi-routines could get back in order. SO I could finish organizing my office and house and clean things up. I decided to "just do it" as Nike commercials always advise us to do.

I walked over to the hand reaching out...but then I pulled it back. I actually was trying to TALK TO MYSELF IN MY HEAD "out" of taking the decorations down today. This instant tug-of-war began in my mind......"you have to do it sometime...may as well be now" "oh, but you really don't feel like doing it today"....."one more day or another week would not really hurt""go FOR IT...JUST GRAB THAT DAMN TINSEL!!" yanking my hands back OFF the "START.......JUST START.......START WITH THE TINSEL!!" "If you just do will all get know always works that way!"

Which I did....I grabbed a handful........and thus it began. This is how I always work.......if I can just get started......then you cannot usually stop me. I took all the decorations down outside....inside.....and am finishing the tree now. AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF......I ALREADY HAVE MY VALENTINE'S DECORATIONS AND LIGHTS UP!~

so....I am feeling pretty energized and happy. Happy my life and year will begin......and can finally get started.......with things getting back to the state of "normal" for me and my world at least.


bryan annd carol's adventures said...

Yeah,Bryan got all pissed off that he had to take down all the decorations at his house himself,because his niece went home new years day.

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

I got the tree down! YEAH! now to box everything up and put it away!

Patty said...

CONGRATULATIONS, when you get done, perhaps you and Noah need to visit Melissa and Audrey again and see that she gets hers down. I think she's been doing the same as you, tug of war, should I or can I wait a couple of more days.

I bet you'll be glad when it's all back into the storage area of your garage.

Glad Tony's surgery went well. He dropped me a note on my blogspot blog. I wondered if he was suppose to be at the computer. Did they do just one eye at a time? I thought that must be it, unless he's got one of his children typing for him. Anyway glad it went well. Are you going to watch the game tonight? I doubt I will, but your Dad is all ready. Hope it's a good one. Love you and little Noah. Give him an extra hug from us.

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

Mom.......tony did not have cataract was one eye