Monday, May 26, 2003

Well..I got SO MUCH accomplished yesterday I am still amazed! Finished hanging everything that needed hanging far as home decor goes. Also hung my flag bunting out on the balcony railing. Looks is old fashioned so the white stripe in between the red ones is actually an off white color....I may have to get the REAL red, white and blue...not sure. I like this but then again it kind of looks OLD..hahaha. Like I had it for a long time and it faded. BUT that is the way it is supposed to look.

Got the house all cleaned up and even the bedroom and our closet organized as far as I could. UNBELIEVABLE considering I have been needing to even START that for a long time now. The dust was unbelievable in our bedroom. I told Keith it was amazing anyone could breathe at night. SO MUCH nicer and better and organized now. looks nice.

Stayed up till 11:30 working on things. My back now feels like it is broken. BUT>>>I feel better and good about all I accomplished. I can see next week where I could actually COMPLETE the rest of my work...and then be ready for PAINTING the house!

Still more work to do. Gotta go.


Sunday, May 25, 2003

Just got back from running to the store. Got a few groceries...actually did pretty well. Got lots of extra soda and toilet paper and things I would not normally get. STILL only spent about 50.00 is the Indy 500. Keith just turned it on. I put some ribs in the crockpot to BBQ. That will be good tonight. We have to finish cleaning the front of the house today and hang the rest of our home decor. Tomorrow Keith is taking LeighAnn out for a celebratory graduation lunch..then they will come back and his dad and his wife will probably come over for a visit and to celebrate her graduation. We are only going to have a few decorations and then some pie/coffee..or tea/soda.Keith think is going to give her some money. She is the FIRST child of his who has successfully actually graduated with their class so that is great. His oldest daughter, Kelley, did not graduate with her class but she completed her required courses in the summer and then got her diploma. Dale, his oldest son, never did graduate. He waited till later and got a GED.

Been kind of overcast and muggy recently. Actually a nice change of pace. I want to hang my flag buntings on the balcony railings today. Should have had them up on Friday. I also have some other flag stuff I may put out. Not sure. I even have some LIGHTS...could put some inside too. FLAGS and STARS.

Anyway..want to finish cleaning and then this week I can start working in our bedrooms and going through those to clean and organize including our closets. That will be a process.

Still working some this weekend..trying to tie up loose ends for work. Guess that is about it. Have a couple of movies to watch and I have been able to actually get some decent sleep this weekend so far.

Dad sent me some old oil paintings he had in the attic. I will probably restretch and hang a couple. I felt if he was going to throw the away I would like to have them. I don't really have anything or much if anything he has ever done artwise here at home. I guess he wants to send Noah a woodcarving he has done.

Melissa sent me recent pictures of Audrey. She sure is growing up fast. Noah is out of school now for the summer. Hard to believe. He sure is starting to talk more and he is such a considerate/helpful little boy. He LOVES to help and will bring you things HE thinks you might need without you even asking for them. AMAZING for a boy...and I hope he keeps it up as he grows into a man. Those kind are RARE these days!! hahaha.

I guess Becky and Margaret were over at Melissa's house Saturday. Sounds like they were offering advice that she really did not even ask for. Out of all of us kids in the family it seems people tend to still want to offer her or myself advice more than anyone else. Not sure why that is. I always thought for many years because I had attempted suicide years ago that maybe made everyone worry about me more. I would think 22 years later I would have finally proven to them all I am STABLE..haha. Oh well. I imagine it is hard to let your kids or brother/sister live their own life and perhaps even make mistakes on their own sometimes to learn things. You want to protect them. does come down to where everyone MUST live their own life as they see fit and make their own decisions regardless of what anyone else thinks. That is just life. We can only hope to have a positive influence on other lives. I guess it can be hard to accept and I pray I can do that for Noah. I HOPE he listens to good advice I may offer him if he asks me for it..and I hope I can teach him to have and USE common sense and make good decisions. BUT...eventually he will have to learn to make his own choices and decisions...I just pray they are good and sound ones and he can avoid a lot of crap many of us have gone through in our lives finding things out the HARD way. Anyway...enough of that. Melissa is still very young. She will only be 30 this year....and she will still be prone sometimes to making quick decisions she might later regret. BUT....I THINK with all the crap she has gone through recently she is much much more hesitant now to do that...and she has a more sound head on her shoulders than apparently many might believe. I could go on and on forever but what's the point.

So.....I hope grandma is doing okay and grandpa too. I guess Sherry and her boyfriend are there this weekend. FUN for poor grandma. Hopefully they will pick up after themselves more and wash their own towels and clothes so grandma does not have to do it.

Well..I guess I better get some more work done. Once the race is over we will probably work more in the house. SO I need to finish this up on this end before starting a new project.

More another time GOD willing. Am kind of excited about getting things in place and organized as then I can go get some PAINT and paint different rooms in the house I want to paint.