Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday...."What Do You Wish To Say No To?"

Jamie over at Jamie Ridler studios asks us this week "What do you wish to say no to?"

Did anyone else automatically have a list start to form in your mind's eye? I was actually surprised because I am a pretty agreeable person most of the time. BUT lately I have found myself growing little more impatient? I just feel so often I am wasting my time on so many things...and I am tired of that. I won't go into details but I want to say NO to spinning my wheels and wasting time.

I also have been working on transforming myself and my body for what seems now like forever. I am so done with that. I want to say NO to the excess food I continue to put into my mouth! I want to say NO to my lack of energy and dumpy mood. I want to say NO to the sofa calling my name every time I turn around to take a nap. I want to come alive and say NO to feeling like a walking zombie.

I want to say NO to being treated less worthy than I am...and for allowing myself to be treated as such.

I want to say NO to people not willing to give back to me at least the same energy and input I am willing to give to them. What a crock that is! Especially if they love you...they should be willing to give back at least what you give to them.

I want to say NO to not taking care of myself and loving myself as much as I should!

And really I guess this all boils down to saying NO to NO! I want to start saying YES to myself. I want to take better care of myself and my life and my house and my world so I will have the energy to say yes more often. I want to live now and not wait around for anything anymore. I am so done with the waiting game. WHAT a total waste of time and life.

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