Tuesday, October 28, 2008

if you had a funeral........who do you think would show up?

Have you ever wondered about that? How many if any would show up? After recently attending my cousin's funeral and seeing all the lives he touched and all the people besides family that showed up for his viewing and funeral and even the burial.....it made me wonder about that. I have wondered about it before. BUT......do you think you would have no one but family come? A few friends? MORE than that?

THIS IS of course IF you had a funeral. I know some do not want a funeral at all and if you think about it......it is a bit morbid I suppose to put a dead body in a room for all to come view. While I understand the concept....it can be a bit disturbing also.

Anyway......just my random weird thoughts.....

HEY BUCKS! What the heck happened Saturday night??????