Thursday, August 14, 2008

not much to say yet.........

cause I am too tired! Garage sale is coming up Friday!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stone baby.......and other ectopic pregnancies.....

I was watching a medical show tonight and a show came on about stone babies and ectopic pregnancies.

A Lithopedion (Greek:litho =stone; pedion = child), or stone baby, is a rare phenomenon which occurs most commonly when a fetus dies during an ectopic pregnancy, is too large to be reabsorbed by the body, and calcifies on the outside, shielding the mother's body from the dead tissue of the baby and preventing infection. Lithopedia may occur from 14 weeks' gestation to full term. It is not unusual for a stone baby to remain undiagnosed for decades, and it is often not until a patient is examined for other conditions or a proper examination is conducted that includes an x-ray that a stone baby is found. The oldest reported case is that of a 76-year-old woman, whose lithopedion had probably been present for 46 years.

Fewer than 300 cases have been noted in 400 years of medical literature.

NOW I had not really heard about STONE babies before this show....and I had heard about ectopic pregnancies but did NOT know that SOME......can actually BURST through the fallopian tube and SURVIVE! The ruptured tube and bleeding does not cause the mother's death and the fetus survives and travels down OUTSIDE of the uterus and attaches itself somewhere on the mother's internal organs.....creating a blood supply and living! (although I think they said this was like the only baby who has survived....or one of few?)

THIS story tonight was of a woman in London.....who was pregnant with TRIPLETS.....and ONE of them had been in her fallopian tube......but it ruptured and traveled outside her body and attached itself to her internal organs. It had created a placenta...etc. They gave the baby 60 million to ONE odds for survival. The placenta he had created was a threat to the mother and other 2 female fetuses in the mother's uterus. If it detached and began to bleed they would not be able to stop the bleeding and she could bleed to death...etc.

It was very touch and go......the babies were about 2 months from being full term...and they decided to operate and remove them. They removed the 2 girls from the uterus first.....and then had to FIND the third baby...and he had really sealed himself up tight to her internal organs but they did finally separate him from the mother's internal organs.....and he was not only formed and developed okay...ALL the triplets survived and are now SIX years old and completely developmentally and emotionally and mentally NORMAL! The placenta had to be left inside as they could not remove it for fear of Mom bleeding to death.....but the woman' s body did what it should and slowly the placenta shrunk inside her and she basically reabsorbed it and the threat to her life was gone.

I would say those children were meant to be here!

CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT????? This baby is a medical miracle......surviving his gestation WITHIN THE ABDOMINAL cavity but NOT the uterus!

While some of the graphic nature of the show was difficult to watch.....(they actually showed the surgical footage of removing that one stone baby).....I still found it all fascinating.

And what a miracle that little boy is and what story he will have to tell the rest of his life!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I MADE the zucchini bread again......

and it turned out wonderful!!! I decided to put the topping on all the loaves this time since I did not have walnuts to put in the bread......and then I drizzled some icing on top of 3 of the about YUMMY!!!

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

I don't particularly care for Woody you?

I think he is ...I don't know...sort of perverse or weird or something in a sicko-type of way. I ask GOD to forgive me for being so judgmental when I could be entirely wrong....but GOD also has given me such discernment about people...and I have finally learned to LISTEN to it (most of the time) there is something that bugs me about him. He made some comments the other day I saw in passing on TV about some new movie of his coming up...and I cannot remember his exact words.....but something to the effect that "that is what it is all about" referring to basically being surrounded by YOUNG WOMEN to do you know what......

yeah......guess Soon-Yi was not enough>? He just reminds me of a dirty old man and I have never cared for any of his boring movies......

AND weird dreams! Have you ever seen Criss Angel on TV perform bizarre too realistic magic tricks? I happened to be flipping the channels yesterday and saw him doing some weird stunts...a couple went wrong and he got hurt.

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He makes my stomach too nervous when I try to watch his show.....and yet I find myself glued to the set......unable to stop peeking through my fingers over my eyes.

MOST TIMES though I just have to turn it off! I don't like how it makes me feel inside........and.....because I saw the following story......I had horrific dreams last night!

ANYWAY... he took a man from the audience and I WOULD NEVER volunteer for anything.....but he put a piece of paper around this man's outstretched forearm.....have another man hold his hand in his hand.....and then Criss A. supposedly hypnotized the man who had his forearm held out...after that he started up this small electric saw........YES>>>>>>>>>>>>>a freakin' saw.......and took it to the man's arm and began to SAW through the paper and then the man's came APART and BLOOD started flying all over.......the man was standing there with the front part of the other man's arm in his hand.....the man whose arm had been cut was standing there with blood pouring/dripping/squirting out of what was left of his arm......and I just about lost it.

I KNOW it was a trick.....I HOPE AND PRAY it was only a trick....but I swear it looked real.....and to top it off......he asked the hypnotized man to MOVE and POINT the fingers in the hand the other man was holding.....and he DID which was freaky since the hand/forearm was no longer connected to the man. THEY walked the man out of the room......very slowly.....and carried his arm out too.......and I pray it was only a trick and that he had his arm somehow up in his sleeve or something......or never had an arm to begin with.......a real one anyway.......something like that.....and it was a set up....or else that man will be making some big bucks with a pay off.

In fact I bet the man who had his arm cut did NOT have a lower forearm to begin with.....was a plant in the audience....but had this artificial portion of an arm with little sensors down under the skin.....for the man HOLDING his hand and arm on the other push on and make the fingers point ......etc. THAT would all make sense......the paper being placed over the arm was probably not necessary at all......unless it was needed to prevent the fake skin from the fake arm to be cut in some strange way where everyone would know it was fake? SEE....I try to convince myself of how these were done so my subconscious mind will believe it and feel okay about it all again.

ANYWAY>>>>>>>>>>>>> because I saw that little snippet of trash....a few hours before bedtime......but it bothered me so freakin' much.........I had BAD BAD dreams!

The last dream I remember was a man.......who was trying to get away from these people who were after him......but he could not. They were determined to rip/remove his heart and replace it with this mechanical somehow give him all these powers......(I just realized this sounds sorta like Iron Man).

ANYWAY, was tooooooooo graphic......the dream.......they did something first like shoot him in the chest but that was not good enough.....they then took this metal thing that looked like a small rocket and when the man turned around to try to get away this man holding this metal shaft rammed it through his back.....pushing it clear through the chest wall out the other side (while a group of other people are outside the door trying to get in to stop him).....but the attacker is relentless........and shoves it through the man's chest.....and all this blood and heart and crap gushes out onto the floor ( I AM SURE replayed from Criss A. crap)..........and then this other thing is put back into the man.....and he all of a sudden can talk again and feels okay......but right when I see a close up of his face and he is acting normal again.....they put these metal shields around his face and ears and he goes blank.....because they were going to do something to his brain.

THEN I WOKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank goodness..........

and now my stomach is all in knots again just rethinking this.....