Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A couple of links......

if you like wonderful homemade jams, jellies, sauces...etc....AMISH style you need to go check out and buy some Mrs. Miller's products.

Mrs. Miller's about good stuff! I first noticed their products in a local Amish bulk foods store.....and the sugarless jams are amazing. NO granulated sugar added...just fresh fruits and juices..and wow.........taste SOOOOO good and no artificial stuff in it. They also have noodles and pasta sauces and cappuccino mixes ...go to the link above and then click on PRODUCT catalog to see what they sell and you can even order online. I had no idea I could order their goods online....and it is cheaper and they offer more than my bulk food seller does. So give them a try!

ALSO....I stumbled onto this blog and there is something about it I really like. Very crafty...lots of great links and ideas........check it out here:


Guess that is it for now!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

So hard to believe it is September already......and fall is just around the corner!

I am very happy we have the Big Ten Network finally!  I have enjoyed quite a few college football games over this past weekend alone...not all on that network...some on regular ESPN.....but I am enjoying it and am thankful to have it!  It was long overdue!

I am fighting off a migraine headache today.

Work is like zero on 2 of my accounts this morning.....a lot on a third but I have not worked on that account for so long that my password has been disabled.  SO I have to play the sit and wait game till someone comes online to set it back for me.  I have been logged on now over 3 hours and have yet to do any work.

mmmmmm......otherwise the week has begun again......lots to do.....hopefully I will actually feel like it.

I found myself glued to the TV for the first day and a half of the hurricane....then I realized I was doing exactly what I did when the World Trade Center was attacked.....and so I said my prayers and turned the channel.  I was not trying to forget about what was happening.....but saturating your brain and mind with images of all that 24/7 is not healthy either. 

On another note....did anyone watch Tennessee and UCLA game last night? DAMN! I got so worked up....and right before bed! NOT GOOD! I still think Tennessee should have won..they played a MUCH BETTER game than UCLA....and I cannot believe D. Lincoln missed that last field goal....I bet he feels like crap. I guess the pressure got to him. I could have screamed out loud if Noah was not already in bed.

I also worked out yesterday.....and should have known this one exercise where you basically bend over with weights to row back one arm at a time would only be bad for my back. I did it anyway.....and am paying for it a bit today. SO NEVER again. I cannot and will not do exercises where you bend forward and then stay in that position while you do anything with any weight at the bottom of your hands and extended arms. It puts too much strain on the lower back....which I could have avoided.

Guess I will have to load up on some aspirin/Tylenol today.