Tuesday, December 31, 2002

AAAAGGGGHHHHH! Almost an entire month has slipped past without me entering ONE WORD!~What can I say? No excuses that is for sure. Seems holidays make for shorter days and not enough time!! Seems you never have enough of it this time of year. We took a trip to Ohio to see some family over Christmas. Was nice but chaotic as usual. Noah got bit in the nose by my parent's dog. Seems something always happens to him when we are there!! Had a few nice visits but most of the time we just spent running around after Noah to make sure he did not touch something he should not or get into something he should not or chase the dog ...etc. TIRING to say the least!! Time is surely slipping away though. Before we knew it...it was time to say goodbye and head back home. Everyone seems to look more tired these days..INCLUDING MYSELF!! Everyone is changing and getting older. Some are gone. Time definitely stands still for NO ONE.....It was so nice to get back home though. I am so thankful for my beautiful home and family, my job.....my health.....finances and all my blessings. God has been so faithful and good to provide!!

I am exhausted...so will sign off for now. Just thinking of my trip can tire me out..hahaha. Will write more later. Tonight is New Year's EVE!! Happy NEW YEAR everyone!!

Thursday, December 05, 2002

Well..I put my Christmas tree up yesterday. I got a 7 1/2 foot tree on sale from Sears......the tree actually looks more like a 9 FOOT tree out of the box. SO big and beautiful!! So full too. It took me like 2 hours to just FLUFF all the branches out! WHEW what a back breaker. Then another 3 hours to put on all the lights. I could not reach the top without a ladder..so will tackle that today. Then I can decorate it. Today my back feels like it is broken!! hahaha. SO I may have to recover a bit before doing all that. Then there will be the rest of the house to decorate.....and then cleaning my mess up! Then a bit of a breather before starting on my candies and cookies!! Kind of overwhelming if you let it be! I will take pictures and put on line once everything is all finished. Well..I need to get back to work for a bit.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

OKAY...so this seems to work really well so far. I am sitting in the dark as everyone else is still sleeping....working here at my computer. I came across this website by chance and it all seemed so interesting...I decided to start my own BLOG!! So....instead of actually working for the moment I am instead typing here....hahah. Anyway....my day started around 1:15 a.m. Yesterday was rather exciting. I decided to get my Christmas tree set up. Was putting in a new plug in the wall and shorted something out. Sparks went flying and I blew the breaker! WOW...reminded me of a scene right out of A Christmas Story when the father plugs in all their Christmas lights into the socket in the wall and sparks fly out and he blows a fuse. Was scary but funny at the same time. Not sure what I did as everything is fine now and working well..but I will replace the outlet regardless.
okay.....testing this puppy out!!