Saturday, May 14, 2005

Was remembering when I used to have bad dreams as a kid. I mean weird bad dreams! Like my dad mowing over my sister cause she was getting on my nerves and bothering me and I had complained so he took her out in the backyard and mowed over her with the lawnmower. NOW WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?

Or when my mom took us kids out to a potato patch in the dark and shot all us kids in the head??????

OR when I found my mom dead under leaves in the bathtub in our house?

ALL bad dreams and all weird and bothersome and all recurrent. A psychiatrist told me one time in the past that whenever you have violent dreams usually within a few days or weeks you could expect a wild mood swing. I am thankful I don't have dreams like that anymore. Does make you wonder what causes them though and then why they go away or change. I now have good dreams for the most part if I even have a dream. IF I dream I don't apparently remember them much. I sleep pretty well now and am sooo thankful for that!

I remember looking at pictures on our wall beside the bed at night and staring at them for so long that the women and men in the pictures came to life or seemed to to me and they would MOVE in the paintings? I think that is actually what they call hypnagogic hallucinations. I sound like one messed up kid. No wonder I rocked myself constantly trying to stay calm and soothe myself.

I think I sound a bit off so I better sign off now before everyone thinks I am really a looney tune!

How many summers will we as women continue to let go by without getting into shorts let alone a pool because of how we look? We keep saying some day....and years can go by without someday ever coming around. When older will we look back with regret then at what we did not do and could have? I don't really miss short-sleeved shirts or shorts. I don't think so anyway. I think getting into the pool in the summer would be nice....but like most women I would not be caught out in public in a swimming suit! So I skip the pool experience year after year.

And then there are those women and men who don't care and do what they want and never think twice. I don't quite understand that breed either. I guess I am the type who would tend to stay covered up more than not if and when I am in public or at home for that matter. Really there are few women who really look good in shorts if you think about it. I guess if I looked good and got that hot I would wear them again..haha.

TOO deep. I am going to bed!
Since I have been keeping you all updated on Floyd I figured I would again today.

We had to call 911 this morning....he had fallen and could not get up. I finally told him IF he would go WITH the paramedics to the hospital they could probably expedite the social services as they had still not come out by Friday. SO he agreed. He went. I called after getting his permission to have that girl come out and pick up his cats. He cannot take care of them anymore let alone himself.

So after he left I made sure the cats had some water and food at least for now. I checked his condo. MAN....I think the Department of Health will need to get involved on this one. Not sure how they handle these things. I have never seen anything quite this messy in my life in REAL life. You see things on tv and all but this was unreal. What made it so bad was HUMAN FECES (DIARRHEA) all over the place. I mean he had puddles on the bathroom floor in the both bathrooms, on the doors, on the doorknobs, on the floor in the living room and bedroom, in his bed, on his clothes laying in piles all over and on his robe and shoes. He still had feces on his legs and feet from Tuesday night. There is contaminated food garbage all over. I took out 3 bags of trash ready to go down out for him. That was it and that is ALL I am going to do. It is filthy and someone with special services and cleaning things will have to get in there to clean that place up. It is trashed! I don't think you can even dispose of the carpet if they tore it up as it is contaminated with human crap and pee along with cat poop and pee. I don't think you are allowed to just throw it in the dump or trash dumpster. night and morning again has not gone exactly as planned. Seems to be an ongoing trait this week. However...we highly doubt Floyd will be coming he cannot walk now at all really and he has no bladder or waste control at all is appears. I pray they don't send him home. I think they cannot and I provided the firemen with the social service worker's name and number I talked to last week. Hopefully the staff at the hospital will expedite that and get Floyd into assisted living and taken care of. Other than the groceries we had bought him yesterday and taken to his home he had no other food or anything. Not sure how he had made it for a few days before we did that. Doubt he will be back to eat the rest of this food now so it will get pitched and that is okay if it does. I don't think I would want anything back even if it is had been in the freezer. His fingernails had to have human excrement embedded under them and anything he touched would get contaminated. If he ATE anything then he could get hepatitis. SO....we want to stay clear of all that. I sprayed our landing and rugs outside on the landing and doorbell and doors and myself off with Lysol. I cannot get the picture of human waste out of my mind all over the place in the condo. It was unreal. Hard to believe someone was living like that.

So....that is the latest. I am waiting on a phone call from Cindy the girl who will hopefully get her butt over here and take the cats. They need a better home than where they are living now.


Monday, May 09, 2005

So.....I transplanted all my plants on the balcony today. Poor things. Should have been done last fall before winter. They were sooo root bound. I think I should have cut some of the roots and loosened them up a bit before putting in bigger pots. Hopefully they will still do okay. I really had to pull a couple of them to get them out of their pots! I have never seen such large roots on house-type plants before.

SO I planted all my bulbs and other flowers...except for one more box and then my green onions. I want to do those.

Otherwise...made a mess but cleaned it all up and everything is planted now. I have to remove the outside lights on the railings outside and put somewhere else..touch up some paint and place hook screws in PERMANENTLY so I can always QUICKLY hang lights or buntings or whatever I might want to without always having to STAPLE things! WHAT A NEW CONCEPT. Not sure why it took me so long to think of this idea. It will make things so much easier and quicker.

I am tired. I need a nap. The way Noah is acting I think he does too. Maybe we will take a short one today.