Friday, September 25, 2009

The Joy Diet...Week One...."DO NOTHING FOR 15 MINUTES EACH DAY"

I decided to start a small JOURNAL for the next book we will be working through in The Next Chapter...THE JOY DIET by Martha Beck hosted by Jamie Ridler from Jamie Ridler Studios.

Here is a link to read all about it...sign up....and read others' entries each week.


You can also check my sidebar as I always have the links posted there to all the NEXT CHAPTER books we work through.

I have many journals so I grabbed one that I had purchased at our local dollar store and began writing my thoughts about this week's assignment on DOING NOTHING. I will do this every week and then make a VISION CARD to include at the end of each posting in my journal as well. Here is what I did this week and my thoughts: (YOU will have to CLICK on each picture to see the enlarged picture to read it)

I imagine as the weeks go by and I diligently try to remember to work in this journal each day posting my thoughts....on each week's assignments.....I will perhaps become more creative. I have not felt well this week so I used a lot of images instead of doing much in the way of my own drawings.

How did you handle your 15 minutes of doing nothing??

Wreck This Journal........the journey continues....

I have to say I have really enjoyed this project so far and the fact that I am continuing on to fully complete this journal. I have altered some of the directions to suit my needs...which has made it even more interesting. Here is what I worked on this past week or so....

I feel overwhelmed with longing a I decided to make a page about that.....

Here I did toss the journal out of my shower that time...but altered the page to incorporate another message about making an unpredictable movement with your life! I just now see where it also said destructive! YIKES! I will need to cross those words out too! ANYway....don't be afraid to open that door!

Don't we all feel like misfits at one time or another? AND yet there is a place for us all....BELIEVE!

I have seen a few artists using only the skills of their mouths to hold paintbrushes and pencils to create masterpieces. For this page I covered up the top of the original message and decided to do a piece of artwork myself WITHOUT using my hands. I was not nearly as good as the artist on the page opposite my sketch....but I had fun with it!

I had lots of affirmations going through my head this week...

I like are a few of my won't be long before we see some of that beautiful white stuff again!

What have YOU wrecked lately??