Friday, November 04, 2005

shifty looking characters driving by the lot over and over. Eventually they got out to apparently work on a sidewalk in the area down from us. I think it still seems odd. Men in a Ford Bronco-type vehicle....driving around all morning slow. With a Black Lab in the truck with them. One by himself....a man I mean...then he got another man in the truck. Now both pulled over and supposedly working on the sidewalk.

I just think it seems odd. If you are working how can you spend all morning just riding around here in the parking lots?

PLUS we saw 2 shady characters WALKING all over the lots and checking the condos out this morning. Seems odd too.

Made me want to call the police. I did not but one has driven by already today. They do patrol our lots now since the cars have been marked up in the recent past.