Saturday, May 21, 2005

I need some serious sleep. LONG gone are any days to SLEEP IN. I may try lying back down today and seeing if I can get some sleep but I doubt it.

I guess I better make me some coffee.

Was over 90 degrees yesterday which I think made us hit a new all time record for heat in May! It is already 67 degrees and only 6:12 a.m.! To be a bit cooler...I think around 85.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

There are times I wish I had a magic crew come in to clean this place up and make it the way I want it and put things into storage for me or better yet buy me the condo below us and make it all ONE unit! guess we really need a new bigger we have more room for Noah to have a classroom and therapy room, etc. We need a CRAFT room. We need storage. We need a garage. A basement would be nice too but not really a requirement if I have enough space in the garage and other rooms. With 4 hours of sleep per night and everything else going on in our lives I have little free time let alone time I feel like physically tackling these larger projects! I often wonder if it will ever all get done. Or when it does...what will I do then? I cannot imagine ever finding it difficult to "find" something to do as now I always have something to do or needing done.

NATE BERKUS where are you??????

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Update on Floyd. His shunt had blocked and he developed meningitis. Brother. Has been really sick....they are treating him for the meningitis. Not sure if they will leave the shunt in or replace it or what. We did locate a possible personal friend/advocate who may be able to handle all his personal affairs. That is a plus. He is to see Floyd today.

Monday, May 16, 2005

So........more of the Floyd saga. I had to go into work last night and stay over for a meeting. Long day to say the least. SO..while I was still at work Keith called and said a friend of Floyd's (Karen) had come over to the condo to go in and take care of the cats. She came out in disbelief I guess and rang our bell...telling Keith who she was and why she was there...and he told her the entire situation and how someone came and picked up the cats yesterday. She said "I had no idea he was that bad". "I just talked to him Friday and he did not make it sound like he was that bad...he did say his lights had the power cut off a couple of days this week but otherwise he was okay". She could not believe the place looked like it did inside.

Then another friend came over this morning pounding on his door. Keith asked if he could help him. He said " I am trying to get Floyd to answer his door". Keith then relayed the entire story to him. I was on the speaker phone at the same time and told him the latest too. We found out from Karen Floyd is in the Neurology ICU. SO John said he had originally come over today to take Floyd to see (his-John's) see if he could get some of Floyd's energy back. HELLLLLLOOOOOO?? DO you have any sense at all??? This is the same man who came to see Floyd last Thursday sitting across from him with his own feces on the floor and his shoes and somehow this man missed the fact that Floyd was "that bad"?? I don't get that at you could miss it if you saw him? SO he ran down to the hospital to see Floyd. I called but they won't release information over the phone especially to non-family members. They did say I could call back and talk to him as he could talk.

SO who knows what is happening. Karen was told he would be in there 4-5 days. I think the hospital staff said that because they are buying time to get Social Services more involved. Not sure but I bet. PLUS they have to probably try some treatment or things first too to see whether or not he improves or at least becomes more stable.

I put in a call to Cindi the neat gal who came to get the cats. I told her to call me and let me know what she finds out about FLoyd from John. Keith got the impression from John that he did not agree with where Floyd was at. Brother....

SO I had to stay very late at work. Did not get out til 11:45.....hard when you have already been there all night. I only had about 3-4 hours of sleep...I did remember to take some cheese and crackers to eat at work this morning but missed coffee completely and a REAL breakfast that I need. I rushed home to get to the library to drop books and CDs off...picked up lunch for Noah and came home to finish making lunch for Keith and me. Turkey legs in the crockpot with corn on the cob and stuffing on the side and apples with cinnamon and sugar warmed in the oven. All good and fairly low fat. my head is starting to hurt. I think it is tension as my forehead feels like it is back where my ears are!!

SO I need to CHILL...................perhaps make me a pot of coffee....and play with my sweet Noah and do some school work with him and then plan his school week before I watch my shows tonight on TV. Not many...2 I think...7th Heaven and Everwood....OH...OPRAH at 4:00 because she is to have Kirstie Alley on with an update on her weight loss so far. Should be interesting!

SO my pounding head and I are signing off for now...