Saturday, September 22, 2007

OSU is leading 45 to zero going into the halftime!

WOW what an amazing team and game so far! Noah and I have squealed and yelled with each touchdown! They got like 2 touchdowns within minutes of game start..and 2 more within 8 minutes.


There is an Ohio State University game on tv today.......

and I am determined to watch it! I LOVE college football......and would even enjoy going to some high school games......but I have yet to make it to any. Next week is homecoming around I will try to go I think. I enjoy that and the bonfires....FALL is very much in the air around here! I know when I was in school homecoming was NEVER until like November! I remember playing games up into December! Then it was moved to October........crap now you barely have school start and they do homecoming in September and many times football in high school is over by the end of October if it even makes it till then! I suppose because school starts so much earlier now in the year.

Today OSU plays Northwestern. I went and saw them play Northwestern AT Northwestern one was a fabulous time.....even though it was sunny, rained, and snowed on us all the same day......we were freezing cold and icy wet.......

Sipping Candy Cane Lane tea this morning. About time for my midmorning snack.......tuna

I need to get back to work. Cannot focus or concentrate today.

AND now for a little something from the Best Damn Band In The Land!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Fall is approaching. I almost have all my fall decor out. When I am making that transition I really need to make sure to START it on the FIRST day of my days I can finish it. I tend to wait till the end of my second day off.....and then can never complete it till the next week on my days off. This means my tables and house is a little disorganized till then.....which bugs the crap out of me. I just do not have the extra time needed to finish that type of job.

I have received my orders of teas. MY FAVORITE tea company by far is Celestial have some amazing teas! I was already in love with their seasonal teas.......2 of my favs being Candy Cane Lane and Gingerbread Spice......but I also discovered they have some new ones out. Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride and Rudolph's Rockin' Raspberry and Santa's Candy Apple ...

AND they have some DESSERT English Toffee........Vanilla Hazelnut.....

I have tried some other teas and tea companies too recently......but Celestial Seasonings is by far THE BEST! Their teas actually taste naturally great without adding sugars or creamers.......and the flavors are not too strong but strong enough to really enjoy! The Candy Cane Lane tastes just like candy canes melted in hot water......with a slight tea taste. SO YUMMY! The BEST peppermint-flavored tea I have ever had!

Same for the other teas. The English Toffee tastes like melted English Toffee. Add a cinnamon stick and wow!

This makes giving up my coffee so much easier. I am really enjoying my teas and drink it all day long. They are all naturally decaffeinated though I do have a few that have some caffeine.....about half the amount coffee does.

mmmmmm.........I am sipping on my second cup of English Toffee now......

Otherwise all is well here. I am getting a lot done......been super busy. Hard to keep up sometimes. I am feeding a stray cat near my grandmother's house.....pretty much every day.....she is feeding it too. One day if we have the right place he can come live with us....and maybe the neighbor's dog can too.

Noah is doing pretty well in school. I am a bit tired today and in a strange mood......lots on my mind I suppose.

Monday, September 17, 2007

today was an odd day........

I got up to take Noah to school.....and had heard about a fire in a house that I could have sworn was across the street from his school. I figured when I took him to school I would find out. I was was the house I thought it was. It was burned really bad. Five people died in the fire.......several of them children. It has stirred up emotions and Noah is worried that one of the children killed in the fire was his best friend Trevor. I don't know if it was or not. I did not even know Noah had a best friend till tonight.

Please pray for these families and the children in the school.

I then headed to the Saturn dealer to have my oil and filter changed. My bad cause I waited a little too long to get it all free as my extended warranty had expired about 2 weeks ago. Oh well.......I am thankful I got everything done that needed to be done and I am all ready for winter! New oil and filter and tires anti-freeze good to 40 below wipers all around. EVERYTHING else on the truck is fine!

I did notice Saturn's new SKY roadster in the showroom. WOW......if money was not an option......I can see how that would be tempting to buy! It is a 2-seater convertible.....and it was gorgeous. I like convertibles a lot but do not feel particularly safe driving in one. Unless there is a roll bar over my head.......which this car did not obviously have. Looks good for cruising if you are the only one on the road.......going about 30 miles per hour (it can go 240 MPH). In other words.....if all was guaranteed which it is be would be impractical but......a temptation.

After that I headed back to a cemetery to do a tombstone search.....then to some other errands. I hit up the local Goodwill store.........and the Dollar store and I even had to make a run to Wal*Mart which I try to avoid at all costs! I ended up at K-Mart too. Then to my grandma's house and back home again.

I have already started to put up my fall decorations and lights. It is very fall-like here already......and I was in the mood.

I am going to try to bust butt this week to see if I can work full-time hours in a part-time day. I need to generate several streams of income.......and more we will see how this goes.

Signing annoying nagging cough is wearing my butt out.