Friday, April 27, 2007

Body's A Temple by Jay Brannan

Face of the unknown soldier...

It's all too easy to forget
We slowly grow apathetic
As we are bombarded by war and violence
Everywhere we look
It is in everything we read
Everything we watch
Everything we hear
Our minds grow cold and numb
Seeking an escape from reality

We get caught up on the politics
And bashing our president
And forget the face of the soldier
You know....the ones...."over there"
A place where many think we should not be
A place where many want to leave

Yet some stay
Faceless, nameless, serving
Sacrificing the ultimate
They do not question the need for their service
They do not question the politics
They do not question the president
They do not question the motives
They serve
Protecting us, protecting countless others
With little to no thanks
With few tears shed
Because they remain faceless

So I will give you a face of a faceless soldier
One I hope you never forget
As the news broadcast is silenced in your background
As you ignore the newspaper articles
As you continue to seek an escape and pretend
None of this exists
My hope you will never forget
Those who have served, those who continue to serve, and those who have yet to serve.


Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano
Image Source: Yahoo Images

ramblings......and my other crap

I don't remember the last time I just rambled on here. Maybe I don't have much to ramble about lately...or at least not much I would share.

It has been pouring down rain the last couple of days. I will have to either borrow my grandmother's gas powered mower to mow this stuff down so my cordless electric mower can then handle it or hire someone to come mow it again. I had not yet finished the entire backyard before all the rains hit. I think everything is completely saturated now and more rain is coming!

I am trying a new shift for work which is going much easier for me. About time. I hope it continues. Increased energy is helping it should be a positive and the fact that it appears I could easily type more full-time work load is even better. I could always use the extra money.

What else.......hum....need to move some boxes back to the garage today and this weekend. MY major project. I am going to just do it and get it done. TIRED of having the stored inside if I am not going to unpack them they may as well go back outside in the garage. I feel almost like I am in limbo. Not sure if I am going to stay living here or not. Also not sure what the landlord may want to do with the house.

I need to work out and shower. Then get busy. I already did my work load and extra. I would keep going and do even more. It is weird...once starting in the early morning I get to typing and I just want to keep going...almost like I can't stop! It seems very addictive to me and I just sit there and say to myself "oh I will type just one more" and the next thing I know I have typed another few hours! SO....if I am going to do that fine...I can...and it still appears I have plenty of free time and time for Noah's homeschool.

WHY did I not ever organize my schedule like this before?

okay....enough talking....much to do!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

soothe me...

Your love is like a cloak, gently covering my heart

Protecting it from all the elements and harsh realities

Your breath occasionally blowing it back, exposing it

To allow your gentle yet passionate kisses

To soothe its beat into perfect rhythm with yours

I expose it only to your eyes

No one else has seen its full beauty as you have

No other ever will

Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano
Image Source: Luis Royo "Caress"


CLICK BELOW to listen to recorded version of the poem:


Not a day goes by that I don't crave you
My body aches for you, my heart cries out your name
I long to have you by my side, near me, in me
My skin seeks the touch of your fingers
The kiss of your lips
The lick of your tongue
Only you turn my breaths into gasps for air
Only you know how to take me to the edge
And linger there, deliberately,
Driving me fucking insane
Making me cry out and scream your name
Sending me to a new height of passion
I have experienced with no other
You drive me over the edge
Into lingering bliss
Climbing the walls with your passion
I cling to you so tightly
Our bodies fusing as one
And over and over again
Like an addict
I watch the clock
Counting the minutes, the seconds
Till my next fix with you

Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano