Saturday, April 19, 2008

does ANYthing look a little off in this photo?

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I FELT THE EARTH, MOVE, UNDER MY FEET.... was very weird. The time was around 5:38 AM or so I believe. I was sitting in my office chair and at first thought my cat had come up behind my chair and was pushing on it like he does with his claws....but he was not using his I turned around to see him and he was NOT there but instead sitting across the room in the doorway legs spread he was bracing himself....but he had a weird scared look on his face! SMART CAT!

Meanwhile....I sat in my chair and the entire floor felt like a huge gust of wind had come up underneath it and also blowing back and forth against my chair and was moving me and the chair all around. It was like the floor was definitely moving and it was very difficult to try to stand up because it messed with your balance and being on a moving floor ride at the amusement parks. SO very weird feeling and then I wondered what had happened. Was it something truly strange?

I started to think about all possibilities and then wondered about and earthquake but living in Ohio now did not think the possibility of feeling anything from an earthquake would be too great. The last time I felt anything from a nearby earthquake in Ohio I was a child.

BUT I decided to do some research online and sure enough! The reports started coming in that indeed an earthquake had occurred in Illinois.......and people all over the place had felt it....including some others right here in the same city where I live!

I am so thankful for our technology and ability to find out information so quickly about something like this because for a moment or two I was really wondering what had happened and what I had really felt.

Did you feel the earthquake too yesterday on Friday, April 18?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Melissa.......Day #2.........and SKYwatch Friday!

I know the quality is not the best...but I had to be discreet when snapping it was all done through my dirty windows and between the blinds or a small crack in the front door...and today there were 3 new guys.......but they all kept their shirts on......well there was one other one who took his off but he was super skinny. SO I took mostly shots of the same foreman from yesterday. Yeah....enjoy Melissa!

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oh yeah....the light got better on this side later in the day...

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Melissa....this is for you.......

If you lived where I live.....and worked from home like I do.....this is what you could have seen all day long outside your office window.....yep.....I was stunned too.







Yep....right across the street Melissa......all four without shirts.........all day long.

AND they will be back again tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

what is your comfort food.....

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And are you aware most of the things you crave are really "COMFORT" want to eat them because of how "they make you feel".......even for a moment?

Are you aware that if you try actually getting what it is you are lacking and substituting the "real" thing instead of the food substitutes.........there would be less overweight people in the world today if any?

Does this mean most of the general population then suffers from mild depression? Are unhappy? Needy? What do they need more of? Hugs, love, touch, another human being to care about them?

What happens when all food becomes comfort food for someone? What does that mean or say about them?

Monday, April 14, 2008

My BIG thrill for the day.......not sure what this says about me!

I stopped at Wal*MART today horror of horrors because K-MART had ZIP for cordless phones...the one they had I wanted they were out of stock on. SO I went to Wal*Mart. I got the same phone cheap.....and then remembered I have been wanting to get a new I checked them out. I found this SUPER NICE wide path Dirth Devil en Vision.......on sale for 54.00........12 amp.....HEPA decided to give it a try. Once I got home from running errands and put the sweeper together.......all I can say is

The SUCTION capability on this sweeper is amazing. Now I sweep my floors at least every other day but I only had a small sweep/broom type sweeper I originally bought once I moved here. I figured that would be good enough.

Well......after running THIS NEW sweeper across my floors I could see how wrong I have been! OH MY.....I think I could have squealed. I had no idea I was a sweeper junkie till today. I may never stop sweeping! This thing sucked up so much crap the first time round......I could not believe it. It looked like I had been drywalling with dust bunnies inside the bagless filters were a mess. SO I dumped it and cleaned it out......did it again and again and again! EACH time filling that puppy up with more and more dust and fuzz and hair and who knows what else!!! OH My...I cannot say enough about this sweeper and would HIGHLY recommend it to EVERYONE!!!!!!

It has a scuff-guard around the front so if you ram it into the walls or corners of the house you will NOT scuff it up. I know for some that would not matter but I am one of those who CLEANS my sweeper as much as I let it clean. It is really bothering me I am getting it so dirty this first time round but you can clean the bagless compartment AND WASH the filters!

I am so happy.....I had no idea a SWEEPER could make me feel so happy......or that sweeping could make me feel so good. This thing is like a hurricane sucking up stuff as it moves across the floor.......and I personally in the past never thought too much of Dirt Devils. This says it has 25% more SUCTION power than Hoover or Bissel....and I BELIEVE it.....

NICE LONG cord............wide path out front..........BIG brush underneath the rollers......FOOT PEDAL on/off switch. WOW......I am in awe!

I also got a Bissel steam I will be able to clean carpets too whenever I want.....I am paranoid yes.....but these Bissel cleaners are super portable.....only 68.00 for that! I have used them before and they do a great job.

To be honest carpet looks brand new again since I swept it with the new sweeper/vacuum.

SO there you have BIG THRILL for the day!

so many thoughts in my brain it almost makes my head hurt....

yep. I was surfing channels on tv the other night and came across this show that Danny Bonaduce stars in about kids wanting to be stars......something....and I was stunned to see how the MOTHER's acted. I think they were trying to live their unlived dreams of being stars through their poor kids.......and the way they talked to and treated their kids when they screwed up was horrible. A couple of the mother's had so much plastic surgery to their faces and looked so anorexic....they were not even recognizable as a LIVING human being! They looked very odd. I think they took it to heart like THEY were the ones on audition instead of their kids. I could see the child sitting by the mother.....but to me I saw TWO kids sitting side by seemingly very seemingly soiled from the harshness of the world as an adult.....but still very much that small child. Their innocence was gone however and they were slowly stripping away their own kid's self esteem. DO they know how much they are screwing up their child's head? I had to turn it off. I rarely watch television.....and the choices of crap they have on tv now is why. This is another horrible show.

On another note....I found a fabulous web site........ Hungry ---where you can get tips and tricks for hungry chicks......and POINTS values for a lot of foods......and modified recipes of common I WANT TO EAT THAT BUT CAN'T HAVE IT foods........check it out here......she also does reviews of new products coming out and you can sign up for a newsletter.....and she has a cookbook coming out which I did preorder.. HUNGRY GIRL

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more later.......