Thursday, January 11, 2007

want to start posting some of my poetry....anyone know how to add separate pages or categories of posts or if we can on blogger?


The sky is gray and cold outside but the fire is warm within

My mind wanders, I think of you, and the ache begins again
I lean back and close my eyes and pretend that you are here
I feel your hands grasp my flesh and pull my body near

My pulse quickens, your breaths turn shallow, my breasts begin to swell
The all too familiar throbbing returns, where my desire for you does dwell
My heat begins to rise to the surface, just beneath the mound
When with your mouth and fingers, my pleasures you have found

The fire rages within us both, the flames lick at my lips

I cannot resist you longer so I begin to move my hips
Against you and with you, moving back and forth as one
Over and over you hear my moans, then whisper to me... “come”

We shift positions quickly, as desire continues to grow
I cling to you in ecstasy, as you rock me to and fro
Our hearts are beating faster now, our essence is divine
Our love flows out so freely, and we drink as if it’s wine

Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano

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