Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I wait...

Wound up tighter than a rubber-banded balsa airplane
Wanting to take flight long before fingers release me
Edging ever closer to a false start
I wait

Some days I feel I will explode
With too many churning emotions inside my mind and body
Making me seasick with desire and longing,
frustration, then anger

My lungs want to burst out screaming
My legs want to run
My body has to move, do anything
To burn off this intensity

Right now I imagine
I could easily supply enough energy
To fuel a power grid for an entire city

My heart pounds as my blood
Forcefully flows through my veins
I swear I feel it bubbling
As it boils beneath my skin

I am screaming for release
I am yelling for "at last!"
I am crying with frustration

I am ready to receive

Copyright ©2008 man and Sipping The Vast Spring

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

TWISTED peppermint body scrub from Bath and Body Works!

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What can I say about this treat? If you have never tried should. Doubtful you will find it anywhere now but on Ebay as Bath and Body Works sold out of it a long time ago.

BUT...this is a wonderful scent. It smells very clean and it is invigorating in the shower! For a body scrub it has extreme lather while most other body scrubs do not. It has this incredible smell of crushed candy canes and butter mints.....yet not too overpowering. It will however leave your bathroom smelling minty fresh when you are finished! It also leaves your skin soooooo very very soft. Silky, smooth and luxurious. AND yet it does not really leave any scent on your skin after the shower!

I have to smells so yummy you might have to restrain your natural inclination to sticking your bare un-bath-mitted fingers in it and scooping up a dab to stick into your mouth! YES. It IS that good and then some.

This is divine in the summer on hot it will leave your body feeling cool and tingly all over.

So....if you want your skin to feel MUST put this on your MUST TRY lists for this year.

Monday, January 07, 2008

It feels like spring on January 7th!

I swear this type of weather (almost 60 degrees in January!)just makes me have spring fever and an itch for the weather to warm up a bit. I am NOT into really hot weather and definitely not humidity....and I love ALL the seasons and winter and snow too.....but .....once the temp changes to this extreme in the dead of sets me to thinking about spring and easter and summer all over again.

I am finally taking my Christmas stuff down!! YEAH!!!!! THAT ALSO helps prepare me for SPRING cleaning around here and sorting stuff. I AM GOING to have a HUGE garage/yard sale this year. I want to combine it with my sisters and just have this massive blow out sale! ANOTHER good way to streamline where it is much needed and lighten the storage load. There are many things I keep but will never use again....and someone else might. SO I need to clear some of the old out to make way for the new!

(I totally just lost my train of thought and forget what I was going to write about next!)

okay.....yeah....OHIO STATE GAME TONIGHT!!! I cannot wait. I CERTAINLY HOPE our local stations BROADCAST IT!!!!!! I will be so ticked off if they don't. SO great....I don't have BIG TEN and our LOCAL ROADRUNNER CABLE is probably not going to be offering the game? OH COME ON....certainly they will>>>>>>??????? NOT even on ESPN?? It appears I CAN LISTEN to the game on the radio so I will probably have to "settle" for that.....but that is better than nothing. I will MISS watching the games on the weekends....I could watch OSU play football all year long.

Otherwise....I have a lot to do around here and I need to get my butt busy.


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