Saturday, October 08, 2005

WINTER STORM WATCH...for us...tomorrow night into Monday. Possible over 8 inches! Can you believe it!! My outside plants will all have to come in to stay warmer!

I made homemade chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes and green beans for supper tonight. ALL was great. I finally can make noodles like my grandma does but I still can't seem to cut them into really thin strips like she can. I don't mind larger strips but I want my noodles to be just like hers which means I need to learn to cut them even thinner!

They were good though. Still hungry for more. I may go eat some more!!

Ran some errands. Ended up at Hallmark. Picked up our ornaments there we had ordered. Noah had a meltdown there. Stopped at our new rented storage locker to check things out. Noah had another meltdown when it came time to leave. Stopped at Home Depot to check some things out and pick up a few things. He did pretty well while there but still was hard to control.

Anyway....all is well now or appears to be for this moment in time. We are all exhausted and actually did very little today.

Now to prepare for fall let alone winter!!!!!!!! the pics below are NOT marzipan but actual sculptures out of polymer clay! Check out the link:
YEP. THESE ARE ALL EDIBLE...if you would WANT to eat them. Dad came across these and sent them to me. I thought they were amazing so I had to post them. Marzipan is an almond paste that many cake decorators and people who work with decorating foods use to MOLD into different things on cakes or candies, etc. Someone made Marzipan babies. I do not think I could eat one could you?????? TOO REAL!!!!

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

So....since I have kept watch outside when the kids come home from school so far no more marking up of cars in our lot.

Been trying to be more friendly and talkative to our neighbors. I actually talked to the guy downstairs a long time today. Seems nice. They also don't drink or smoke so that is nice. We both agreed we hear each other's kids sometimes but that is okay. Kids are kids. Hard to make them quiet.

Says he is looking to BUY the condo downstairs when their lease is up. HUM....maybe they would be interested in buying OUR condo as it would be cheaper and has central AIR! I should ask sometime. Course ....even though he says they could buy maybe they cannot afford it or would not qualify?

Anyway.....he seems nice and so does his wife and kids. We also talked about Noah and him having autism, etc.

Put up our outside Halloween/fall decorations today. Looks nice. I should take a picture and post it!

I had to go to the dentist today and have 2 fillings. One was old and apparently leaking so they redid it and then put a small filling in the tooth beside that one.

I go back for a cleaning on October 27th. AND I am going to ask if anything else should be done prior to the end of the year.

Went out to eat today at Fuddruckers. Then stopped at Big Lots. Apparently when I was taking the cart back to the stall some lady walked up to Keith and asked him for money. Was crying and said she was from Nebraska and would not start her job till the end of the week and needed 12.47 to pay for her room. SO he gave her a dollar.

We were driving home before he told me this. I made him turn the car around to go back to see if we could find her so I could give her more money. She seemed legit he said and I wanted to see. If she was crying she probably was. I wish I had seen her as I could have given her more than a dollar.

SO back home. No school today as Noah felt puny all day and had diarrhea. Been coughing a lot too.

I had a migraine so it was okay with me to SKIP!

Anyway....that is enough of an update for now.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

SO it is super windy today. I mean SUPER WINDY!!!!!!!!! MUCH colder. Only in the 40s still this morning. I have scalloped potatoes cooking in the crockpot to go along with our chicken kiev. Noah and I are watching Bear in the Big Blue House videos! Halloween and Thanksgiving ones were first. Now he is watching another.

I sure did sleep good this morning!

SO thankful the rubbing alcohol took the magic marker off the truck. I guess I will have to make my presence known after school time around here as maybe that would STOP the kids from marking up the cars. At least right here where I would be!

I doubt we do any decorating outside today. TOO cool and WINDY!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

So....someone around here has been vandalizing cars in our lot including MY VUE! They have been going around and walking by cars and taking magic markers and marking along the front hoods. They first started this about 1 week ago. It was with blue water soluble markers. They have since switched to PERMANENT markers. At first I was thinking someone did only MY truck. Then we saw the neighbor man's car had been marked. SO at least I did not feel so paranoid. At least my VUE has a protective clear bra that has been bonded to the hood so the marks so far have always been on that and not the painted part of the truck.

BUT today they decided to use a RED PERMANENT INK marker on my truck. I got to checking out the other vehicles on the lot and found all on our side had been marked. One white SUV had 3 different colored stripes on his hood. Blue, purple and red. He has probably been tagged every day for 3 days and does not even know he was tagged yet as he has several vehicles and does not check on them every day.

SO....after a lengthy process of E-mailing our HOA about the problem, and then calling the police and having them come out for a report and then calling Saturn to find out how much it would cost to replace the bra if needed in the future (HOPEFULLY NOT as it is 300.00) and calling my local car detail place and online searches about cleaners to use on this problem and calling Saturn about a regular leather type bra and getting prices and and and and and and...........

My online checks on how to remove permanet marker from plastic revealed MANY options from rubbing alcohol to spray deodorant, feminine spray and a special cleaner from a photo shop....I decided to go back out and try the rubbing alcohol as my GOO BE GONE and other stuff had cleaned it some but the mark was still there. The rubbing alcohol appeared to have worked for the most part leaving only a very very hard to see if at all pinkish smudge which is probably not even there anymore. It is now raining. Hopefully all the rain and water and stuff will clean it off even more.

SO home schooling did not go entirely as planned and Noah's occupational therapist just called to cancel for tomorrow as she has the flu! We did manage to build the walls for our pyramid we are making for our study on Egypt.

I made stuffed green peppers in the crockpot for lunch and some biscuits and applesauce/spice cake for dessert.

Tomorrow we will have chicken kiev and scalloped potatoes and a veggie. MORE cake.

I got up this morning about 2:45 a.m. and STAYED UP. I watched some medical shows on tv and then went in and redid Noah's school stuff in his room and put up a word wall and place for our study on Egypt and some on God's word and another spot for things to do with the month of October. SO much happening in there. Then I switched his CPU back to his older one as it is amazingly enough faster than the newer Dell. (working on that....will probably be adding more RAM and hard drive and faster processor for both soon).

AND then I put the stuffed peppers in the crockpot. Got dressed. Made a pot of coffee and headed for Saturn to have my oil changed. Got out of there by 8:30 a.m. and headed to Super Target to pick up a few things. Had a pumpkin spice latte at their inside Starbucks but for some reason it did not hit the spot. I think cause I forgot to ask for whipped cream on top.

Back home....found out Noah wanted McDonalds as I pulled in the lot via my cell so back out I went. I got home and unloaded. I was so tired. We had to go to speech therapy today. Back home. Lunch. SOME home schooling and then all the car stuff.

I did manage to take my VUE Monday to get it cleaned and washed. The guy said he had to do 2 rounds on the inside windows to get all the white film off. Not sure what it was other than dust. It was bad. Could not see out well hence the cleaning. SO I tipped him 5.00. Keith said that was way too much. Most get 1.00 to 3.00 I guess.

AND I was flipping channels tonight as the line up this year sucks (for lack of better words). I came across BOUNTY HUNTER ON A&E. Has anyone seen that show? kind of weird but great at the same time. These people who look like middle-aged hip wannabes with tatoos, skimpy clothing and long hair as well as guns strapped to every available extremity go looking for people who are fugitives. VERY touching parts to the show about how they end up helping these society misfits. I enjoyed it and they had a double feature. I watched both.

My eyes are so red and sore due to lack of sleep. SUPER COOL. TOmorrow night/into Thursday morning they are calling for our first hard freeze of the year. May have to turn the heat on!