Thursday, May 27, 2010

Full Moon Dreamboard for May 2010 ...the Full Flower Moon....

For this month's full moon dreamboard I realized I have finally reached a great sense of peace about my life. I recently decided to go ahead and purchase the home I have been renting for the past 4 years and during this process I have been blessed with ways to overcome some financial stresses and realize I could become very excited about creating a future for my son and myself again. Instead of always wanting more or thinking I need this or that, a great sense of PEACE has overcome me and I am very happy with all I have accomplished SO FAR in my life and I am excited about the life I am creating for myself and my son Noah. There are so many possibilities. Before I think I tended to look for my completeness or happiness in another person or man...I guess I expected him to do that magically for me. Maybe I was still holding out for some knight in shining armour! I mean if that happens now or in my will just ENHANCE my life....but I realize I am also fine as does not determine my happiness.

I realize now only I can truly make myself and others happy. I want to create joy for myself and for my son in his life....a peaceful sanctuary to grow up in, a nurturing environment, a loving household. I feel like I can provide now for him and do it very well. I am working harder than ever before at reaching my goals as far as getting out of debt without having to file bankruptcy or anything severe like that. I am so thankful to be able to come to resolution about that as it has been hanging over my head for such a long time. The burden has been lifted off my shoulders and it was a great one. Since we are now buying this particular home we have more freedom to do more in our home. Our cat who has been incognito and in hiding for the past 4 years is now allowed to be seen by passing cars in our front windows and he can run free. What another burden to be lifted! For him and for me. I have had my front window blinds taped SHUT with poster boards over them to keep the cat out of eyesight for the past THREE YEARS! AND in the process I have finally bonded with my cat. He is so loving and sweet now.

NOW my windows are wide open! WE can see out! I feel no limitations to the possibilities in my at finances. I can actually feel the flow of the energy going in the right direction for once!

BUT one of the best things is this wonderful feeling of sheer contentment with all I already have. I am so truly thankful and so blessed. I have a wonderful routine of peace developing, increasing freedom with our schedules as I accomplish more here at home, creating more around our environment to bring us pleasure and simple joys. I want to create more joy. More peace. More love.

So this month my flowers are bursting with joy, happiness, contentment, excitement, love, laughter, enjoyment of my life and all it involves.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

we haven't even had summer yet and I am already thinking about Christmas and snow.......

what can I say? I am weird. Still lots to enjoy this in.....crickets....campfires.....sitting outside at night...swimming....outdoor activities. GRILLING OUT! I just have to say I love my life and my son. I am so thankful for so much and my house and job and making progress on goals in my life.

It is all so very good.