Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Get this.....yesterday I had pulled the trash can out from under the bathroom sink to empty while I was doing laundry...I left it sit for a minute. I go back to get had been put back under the sink FULL....I asked Keith why he did that. He said and I QUOTE " Cause I did not know what you were going to do with it". DUH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I could NOT BELIEVE this comment. Did he honestly NOT know what I was going to do with it? HUM.....let me see...the options would be?????? I guess he has to be INSTRUCTED it needed emptying rather than observing the fact that it was overflowing and could be emptied. I have NO idea what he thought I had planned on doing with it. I assume the possibility of actually EMPTYING never even entered his mind....or he perhaps would have considered doing it himself. AND...if he did not know what I had PLANNED for the trash...why could he not open his mouth and ASK me what I was going to do with it?? THESE are typical things he does that can really GET ME TICKED!! I swear he acts sometimes (MOST TIMES) like he has no common sense at all and if he does..he rarely uses it.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Well...just found out a son of my former supervisor passed away suddenly in his sleep Friday night. He was 33 years old. Don't know the reason yet...but really makes you realize NONE of us know how long we have on this earth do we? I have recently been thinking a lot about living and life and passing on...etc. We would LOVE to have the assurance of living forever and being here for our families and friends. BEING HERE may be the issue as we don't really have all the control over that we would like. There is no guarantees huh? Even if you are the healthiest you can be and exercise every day and do all the so-called RIGHT could end up like Eric who died in his sleep and could be from natural causes. Weird.....I believe as Christians and believers we live forever. I know once we have families we wish and want to live forever here on this earth. I guess as I am getting older and see those around me getting older and talking about passing on or passing makes you wonder about life and what you are doing with your life and what you need to do with your life. Does everyone have something to look forward to in their lives every day? For years to come? I know of many who don't have anything to look forward to now. Makes me wonder will I or my family all have anything to look forward to in time? and over time? Will Noah? I believe so....but like with my grandpa...grandma said he sometimes just wishes he were dead or would die. I know my great grandma used to wish that to. Did their life get so miserable or unhappy that they honestly wished that? Where does things change? I know some are in bad health and could be suffering....I guess part of me understands why someone like that might wish they would die. They probably get so tired of hurting or being in pain....that it over takes every thought and action on their part. But what about just getting older.....basically being okay but just getting older. Aren't we supposed to look forward to that somewhat? Seems most I know don't look forward to it much at all. I know I catch myself sometimes wishing time would stand still in certain areas of my life....hahhaa..but keep moving on in others. I wish and pray my family and friends and myself to be here forever.....anyway...can be a bit depressing. Makes you want to certainly live your life to the fullest now guess that is a lesson to be gained from this sad sad story.

Alright..take a breath............
I meant that to read HE had slept in too. I was already up and working out here..on weekends I let KEITH sleep in till whenever he gets up.....working and taking care of Noah at the same it was HIM who slept in..not me or we.
SO......Keith makes a comment to me yesterday that kind of ticked me off. He was yawning...and I said "I don't want to see that"...and he proceeded to tell me "I've done about as much as you have today". I looked at him like what??? I had been up since 2:00 a.m. working. I took a break to sleep for 2 hours in the morning BEFORE he and Noah even got up. I worked then till noon. I made Noah up...and dressed and ready for the day...myself...worked till noon..passed a large kidney stone and then smaller ones....made lunch after I cleaned out the fridge..did dishes....a load in the washer and by hand.....and then prepared supper in the crockpot. Meanwhile taking care of Noah with some medicine as he has had a fever for days...and sniffles. HUM....guess that did not qualify me the right to go in and sleep that afternoon for an hour....something I NEVER do.....but did yesterday. Guess he was ticked about that...who knows. Not like he did much. He go up...showered...came out and SAT and READ the Sunday paper. Enjoyed the coffee and muffins I made for breakfast.....sat some more....only got up if someone asked him for something. Waited till lunch..enjoyed that taking a break from playing on the computer.......shortly after this is when I slipped off to nap...while he worked so hard...he PLAYED on the computer some more with Noah. GEE.....what a tough life and schedule. OH...we had slept in too....did not get up till around 7:30 or 8:00. I do NOT even remember a day when I could sleep in till that time. SO.....can you not see the comparison between our days? WOW...they are almost identical huh? Brother......I told him one day I could let him see how much ALIKE (NOT) our days are..he could pretend to be me and do my schedule. Course....he then proceeded to tell me he did not mean any of it...blah...blah...blah. I would say with as QUICK as the comment came out...he meant it.....even subconsciously but he meant it. Makes me sick.

So on that note...I went to bed around 8:30 last night because I was going to go to work at the hospital last night. Keith got 2 phone calls....woke me up. THANKFULLY it did NOT wake up Noah. Then it got so stuffy in the house I had to turn the AC on for a bit..then I woke up cold at 11:15 or so and I had to turn it off as it had not kicked off on its own yet. Then Keith came into bed and woke me up with that.....and then Noah came in shortly after I came out here in the front room. Felt like I had NO sleep at all..which basically I had not yet. It was now around 12:30 a.m. SO I decided to sleep for a couple of hours and wake up and see how I felt. I slept pretty good out here...but did not feel up to I decided to sleep and work today...and then go into the hospital to work tonight. I guess that will be okay. I have to clean up the the file clerk took another position and is quitting..she was not the cleanest person to share an office with. So..I have to do that before I do any work anyway tonight. So tonight will be fine. Will be so nice to be able to go into work and find my office like I left it last. Nice and clean and organized. I DO HOPE AND PRAY whomever takes her place will be more clean and pick up after themselves..etc.

Well...I have to work. More later. Parent teacher conference this morning.