Friday, August 07, 2009

Wreck This Journal....week 10 for me I think.....

This seemed to be an ongoing theme for me this week and moving into this month of August...and I happened to come across this quote and sketch I cut and pasted into my journal.

For the trace your hand page I decided to also have my son put his hand on top of my traced outline of my hand so we would have BOTH our hands on the page. I then went crazy coloring it all in.

My Internal Monologue page is pretty much a repetitive one I have had ongoing in my brain now for a few years. Basically I have weight to lose...I lose about half of what I want to lose....and then I never finish losing the rest of the weight. I know what I need to do.....and I have reasons to do it....but I just never end up completing it. This is extremely troubling to me and nags at me and this is one of the hardest things for me to quiet in my brain. It is funny..when I was really lean and slim I saw myself as fat. Now that I am "obese" I see myself as lean. Not as I truly probably am...or not that bad. I wish to avoid looking back at current photos of me now one day and say "WOW I was so skinny then!" (as this would mean I have gotten even larger...Instead I want to move forward to the completion of my goals I set....achieve them...and look back one day at my photos and say "wow...I cannot believe I ever got that big!" It is a process. That is my motto this year. It's a my whole life and all in it has been and is a "process."

Okay as you will remember this page I wanted to paint the background black and redo my lines with glow in the dark paint. I cannot find my glow in the dark paint and I could not find any locally. SO....I just colored it in with black crayon and went over my lines with yellow marker. so so

After checking the backside of the CUTTING instructions I decided not to cut through my journal as I did not want to destroy the art on the other side. I did decide to add in a picture of something to do with cutting or blood etc. I found this photo of this vampire and I loved it. I love this man's art anyway (Luis Royo) and I want to complete this by adding in dark red velvet ribbon trim on the edges and adding in more black drawings on the black you can tell you CAN see them once you look. I am thinking maybe a big black cat sitting on a fence under that moon. WHITE crayon works really well on black paper I found out to make a really cool moon. SO this is a WORK IN PROGRESS as it is not yet finished.

I found a page from a magazine and I circled some words I really like and want to keep uppermost in my mind. I think I will PRESS a few flowers here on these pages.

I will continue plugging away on my journal. I have a few NEW ideas to try with the journal this next week that I am really excited about. So I will post those results next Friday.

What have YOU wrecked lately?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday and Full Moon Dreamboard.....


This week Jamie over at JAMIE RIDLER STUDIOS prompted us on our Wishcasting Wednesday "WHAT DO YOU WISH TO MAKE ROOM FOR?" For our Full Sturgeon Moon dreamboard this month she provided more food for thought, "It’s a time to savour our blessings and welcome in the abundance that is all around us. With the Moon being in Aquarius it is also a great time to get innovative when it comes to our dreams. As you focus on your dreamboard this month, spend some time brainstorming how you might actively welcome in what you desire."

This got me to thinking. I realized I wanted to make room for BELIEF. AND I realized that in order for me to actively WELCOME in whatever I desire I truly had to believe! Especially in myself...which I think I do pretty well...but apparently if things are not always happening the way I want in my life.....perhaps I still lack in that area a bit. Doubts still creep in which ultimately always mess with my motivation, determination, success.

Since this was the STURGEON moon this month I included a stamp of a STARRY sturgeon....and found an incredible sea face moon......and realized after finding photos from magazines or online....all of them connected to water or fish....the sea.....especially the colors. This all started when I happened to pick up my Victorian Trading Co, new catalog and the woman with the boat and oar standing gazing up at the moon was on the cover. HOW appropriate for the full sturgeon moon! It gradually grew from there.

SO....for wish this week is to BELIEVE! No matter what.....believe in all possibilities.

And with my dreamboard I will welcome in all the possibilities..with belief.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

After losing access to my blogs for a couple of days I am back!

There must have been some glitch with Google/Blogger as I and MANY others lost access to our blogs for a couple of days. SO tonight I am thankful for a lot of things.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!