Thursday, May 03, 2007

I want...

I want...

To lose myself in your love

To gaze into your eyes as our bodies melt into each other

To feel the entire weight of your body on top of my own

The heat radiating off your skin even before it touches mine

As I taste the beads of sweat trickling from your brow with my tongue

I want...

To climb such heights of passion with you

We lose our minds and souls to each other

And rise to heaven as one and back again

Knowing we can return any time we want

I want...

Your breath on my neck to wake me from sleep

Your body pressing so tightly to mine

Not even a piece of paper could pass between us

I have...

Lost myself in your love

And I don't wish to be found.

Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano
Image Source: Yahoo Images

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Monday, April 30, 2007

your love fills me...

Your love fills me

Like water when it is kissed by the tiniest pebble

And the ripples begin, small yet expanding

Till the entire body of water has been touched

And has felt the effects

I feel your love in this way

It washes over me and through me

Touching every part of me

Lapping at my neck

Tickling my thighs

Stroking my spirit

Soothing my mind

Over and over again

Till it saturates my soul

Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano
Image Source: Yahoo Images