Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Full Moon Dreamboards - The Full Corn Moon - September

I know this board looks a little cluttered with leaves...and doll heads without bodies....mismatched and upside down....pages waiting to be written....doodles waiting to be scribbled....plans waiting to be drawn creations and life for me waiting to be born. At times I feel buried under so much.....and yet I try to still always see the light and feel the warm glow of the beautiful things that continue to surround me. I have been drawn to dolls and doll heads and bodies recently..especially antique vintage dolls...and old fashioned teddy bears...candles that glow...fires in fireplaces....glowing shiny gold color. This is a time of harvest...yet for seems to be a time I am sort of going into hibernation. A time of rest...which I guess would be appropriate after a harvest...but I have much work yet to do. My body however is not always cooperating right now...sometimes I am unable to move it much at all....I know there is rebirth for me soon....but right now I walk around sort of half present...trying to still slowly accomplish all that needs to be done before the fall season turns into the holidays and the holiday season into a new year. I know once I start to cross things off my giant TO DO list and take care of my body I will be reenergized and experience a rebirth. I hope so..or at least get to a point where I can sit back and rest this fall season and winter after I get the basics around here finished. I love this time of year and the upcoming winter season as well. I always feel a huge sense of coziness.....glow.....even if I am not that much of a bright light myself right now.

I am ready for pumpkin spice coffees and creamers and lattes!

OH WHERE oh where in the stores are the flavored pumpkin spice creamers? The pumpkin spice flavored coffees? I am soooooo ready for them!

Monday, September 27, 2010

unsuccessful blood blood to give?? was my annual physical....they needed to draw 8 tubes of blood...3 different nurses or phlebotomists blood ever came out of any vein they tried. NOW they are sending me to the LAB...when asked what they could do differently they did not know. Gee...what happens if they can't get any blood to come out either? I mean they tried multiple areas to stick me...heat....I think personally I was that did not help. I did not even SEE the veins in my arms I normally see. SO now I get to fast and go through it all again in about a week!

fun times!

My son was in the ER last night .....both of us got little sleep to say the least.

Today is so much like fall though....I LOVE this weather!