Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas is coming ...the goose is getting fat....

and wow...I have not eaten meat for a week! I have been craving more veggies ....and enjoying eating them more. It is very odd for me because for years I have been the opposite of a vegetarian...more a carnivore. BUT recently after thinking about animals again and how they are raised and killed and seeing some pretty horrific video feeds....and well...just NOT craving meat as before since I have been taking my prescription strength vitamin D....I have gone meatless.

I have had more energy had less heartburn and generally felt much better since doing so.

NOT sure I will become a 100% veg head.....but.....I now know I do not have to eat meat all the time and I am fine and feel good.

Meanwhile I got our Christmas tree up and son's tree up and to clean up the house a bit this week...and we are going into the holiday season simple.....slower...and enjoying it more. I am not overdoing the decorations....we are doing more local holiday events...and watching more holiday shows on television and listening to more holiday/seasonal music.

I have been accomplishing more at home...and slowing making huge changes. I am thankful.

My body is a little weird now...and I am still anxious about a few things pertaining to that...but I know longterm all will be okay way or another.

How are you coping so far this holiday season??