Wednesday, September 28, 2005

So....took Noah to occupational therapy today. Stopped at K-mart to get more Martha Stewart towels on sale. WONDERFUL quality and great prices!

Then stopped at Wendy's for lunch. Stopped to get the mail. On the way back to the truck I noticed someone had taken a bright blue magic marker and made a line swirled all over the front end of my truck. THANK goodness I noticed it when I did. I got a rag and wet wipe and it came off pretty easy. It is a cooler day today and has been raining a lot and is damp outside so maybe that helped. MAYBE it was not a permanent marker. I don't think a permanent marker would have wiped off even car paint would it? SO it all wiped off except one side it must have been on there longer. It finally came off pretty good and I got another wet rag and wiped it harder. You cannot see anything now unless you knew it had been there or you really get down and look really really hard to see if anything is there. Then all you might see is a very faint smudged line that you really don't see.

I am just thankful it wiped off! I want to take my car to be washed and cleaned. This was probably the day to do it but it is raining and cooler. I guess I should take my car up every week or two regardless as it has to sit outside all the time in the elements. I guess it helps protect the finish of your car to keep it washed and clean and the sunbaked stuff off? We are taking it for an oil change tomorrow. Maybe I will wash it then. Actually Saturn is supposed to wash it themselves after doing things like that on a Saturn car. I am not sure where the marker incident occurred. Either in our lot here at home or at K-mart or Wendy's. Hard to believe even kids can be that inconsiderate of other people's property these days.

I mean we never would have dreamed of doing that when we were kids. IF this were kids. Or even teenagers. Hard to believe.

Another major reason why we wish we had a garage!!!!!!!!!!!!