Friday, March 26, 2010

What made me happy this week?

One day in particular stands out...Sunday. I wanted to attend the viewing of my parents' neighbor who had passed away and I had known pretty much my entire life. While this was did bring me to spend the day with my sister, her daughter, and my mom and dad. It caused me to think back on a lot of old memories of days gone by with my family and all I was thankful for. It made me value time and being alive even more than I have been.

We had a very nice visit. Noah was with me. The weather ended up being much nicer than the forecast had predicted and we got invited to stay for a cookout for supper. We had so much fun....and a very nice visit. The kids and I did some sidewalk chalk......and just being together, remembering memories and creating new ones....besides the fabulous food we ate and the fun doing all the sidewalk chalk all made me incredibly happy.

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