Saturday, April 24, 2010

April Full Moon Dreamboard - The Full Pink Moon

As Jamie prompted us..."what do you wish to bloom?"

I found myself once again drawn to some similar images...and lots of pink since this is the full PINK moon. I am at a time in my life where I am changing a lot of things....out with some old and in with some new.....and wrapping up some things.....and starting new journeys. I am planting seeds right now for my future. I am drawing up plans...paying off debts......buying a house.....starting a new life and attitude. My seeds are seeds of hope, desire, change, attitude, freedom, abundance!

I once again was drawn to butterfly images...I think in my mind they represent freedom. The key represents the key to my understanding of what it takes for me to create my own freedom. I want to always remember my I have a few images of dreaming....and roots being planted firmly in the ground by the tree image. I can't say a lot about many things right now...but my life right now is filled with change. An image of me sitting perched at that window of opportunity....and avoiding being afraid to fly right through it...not just watch from the sidelines.

CHANGE and the BIRTH of new life is what this moon is all about. I found it interesting once again the timing of it all.

To see more dream moon boards this month check my sidebar for the link!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time is flying by!

I cannot believe we are almost into May already! It won't be long....we will be taking a breath and it will be Memorial Day...then 4th of July....Labor Day...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and into a New Year all over again! Been super busy.....I will post more another time....just wanted to tell you all...if you have not yet tried crunchy MINT must! They are sooooo good! Taste like giant mint Girl Scout Cookies! I cannot stress this enough...about how GOOD they are.