Sunday, September 07, 2003

Well....been forever in between posts again. WHO KNOWS what my problem is. I woke up from a horrible dream this morning. I actually woke up crying/sobbing. It was about my youngest sister Melissa. She had gone and had some tests done which came back saying she had cancer.....and that it was probably caused from cigarette smoke exposure. THIS was all super she never smoked but had been exposed to some smoke in her lifetime. Anyway....for some reason in this dream I started out as she did thinking she had cancer of her uterus or something like that. While she was off having more tests performed I asked her doctor WHERE she thought the cancer was...I asked " you don't think it is in her lungs do you?". Well..the look on the doctor's face confirmed that and she told me yes. Apparently Melissa was also jaundiced and her liver functions were not what they were supposed to be. I ASSUME (broken down pretty much spells out what ASS U ME does) anyway...I assume I DREAMED this because Melissa has been keeping me posted and updated on her former father-in-law as he had cancer and might have more...and he just had a liver transplant..etc. I GUESS that is why I would have such an explicit real dream. I DO HOPE and pray it is nothing true and wil soon leave my thoughts.

MEANWHILE...I bounced back and forth into this other dream...this one involving my grandparents. Another super weird dream...and one where it ends up they are after grandpa because he has a knife and is trying to hurt himself. Grandma eventually just let him go...and he stabbed himself in the chest. WHERE did THAT come from? brother....I guess I have too many odd thoughts going on inside this brain of mine.

Went to Albertsons the other day and got some good buys at the store. Every once in awhile they have 10 for 10.00 deals. So that means all those item are 1.00 you can really stock up on some good things. I am going back today I think to get more things. I will soon need a bigger pantry!! Got a good deal on filet of pork loins there....these are the best cuts of pork you can get and normally 20.00 per roast. These were marked down to 1.50 or 2.50 each depending on the size. I picked up several...some salsa marinated and others lemon garlic. I made the salsa one yesterday. TALK ABOUT GOOD!!!!!!! THE ABSOLUTE BEST meat we have had in forever...and soooo tender and good. I now wish I would have bought more..and put more in the freezer. WHY I would even hestite to do so makes me wonder about my thinking now.....I got 2 are still in the freezer now...but when standing at the store and pondering on IF I should get 3 more...for some reason I was stumped...and I decided to NOT get more. Of course Sunday when I came to my senses....the store had already long since sold out the remaining roasts on sale. I will have to check this section in the store out in the future for good deals. MAN.......

Meanwhile...Keith broke a rib a week ago CHANGING a tire. read that right. His youngest daughter had a flat tire and he went over to help her change it...he was pulling up on the lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts when he felt and heard something was his rib. Brother...trying to get him to the doctor is unreal. So finally several days later he went. At least they could give him medicine to help him feel better but all the MUSCLE RELAXERS do is make him really really flighty and basically a walking zombie..and not really even a WALKING zombie. I told him if he got any more relaxed he would be dead. So he was not much help at all with anything yesterday..course I guess that is not so much different than normal anyway.

Not sure what is on our menu today. Sometimes on Sunday I make a nice breakfast. We had hot dogs, macaroni salad and baked beans yesterday for lunch and then pork loin, mashed potatoes and green beans for supper last night. Guess it was a PORK day. We RARELY have 2 big meals during one day...but we did yesterday. If we have a big breakfast this morning..we will skip lunch. (EXCEPT for Noah that is). Keith and I usually just have 2 meals per day...breakfast and lunch. YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW this by my size however.

Decided to buy BEAR IN THE BIG BLUE HOUSE live-show theater tickets for all of us to go see on Sat. November 22. about expensive. I still cannot believe I actually did this. We have seen the show they will put on before on is very very good. I think Noah will love I am sure even Keith and I will. BUT I DO hope and pray it is not too overly crowded or bad as far as the amount of people and kids there. I can only imagine! BUT hopefully it won't be too bad. We got excellent seats. Middle section on the floor in front of the stage ROW 2! WOW.....we will be right up there. IF I had gotten back on line earlier...I probably would have gotten FRONT row seats...but row 2 is fine. SO this will be an experience...we have not taken Noah to anything like this before. If he does well we may try taking him to a fancier show downtown at the Performing Arts Center like the Nutcracker at Christmas or something like that. We will see. There are so many things like that out here we could take him to. Also dinner theaters which are very very nice and a lot of fun to go to. I never dreamed I would someday in my life go to a dinner theater. I have been there several times. Saw Phantom of the Opera, South Pacific, and some Agatha Christie play. Seems like there was another one in there too but I could be wrong. They were all very very good!!

Ordered some new candles the other day. Have a few fall scented ones burning now...smell so good. I love VILLAGE candles...the absolute BEST for burning and scent and quality for your money. Their "O Christmas Tree" candle smells exactly like a live Christmas tree. So I got stocked up on some of those and some samples of smallers ones of the new scents to try. I DO LOVE burning and smelling my candles and the entire house smells so good when I do. With fall and winter coming up and the nights getting darker quicker I burn candles even more. They are nice. usual I have projects I would like to do around the house and in my life in general. I wonder if that ever changes? Seems all I ever do is make lists of the things I need to do...and that list never changes much. Wonder what that means? I am HAPPY to have things to do...and I have been able this year to CROSS many large projects off my list. I guess I just need to get off my butt now and complete some other large projects to free up time to do what I want. Maybe that is it..subconsciously I hold back on ever completely finishing things so I never get to do the things I want or start other fun projects? Interesting thoughts. I have seriously considered paying someone to come in and dust my house every week or so. I can keep up on most things but for some reason I don't ever seem to keep up on the dusting. NO matter what I have done..I just don't. I wonder how much that would cost? Maybe just knowing how much it would cost would be incentive enough to have me do it myself. Little Noah LOVES to help me clean and dust.

Noah is doing well in school so far. He loves it of course. Hard to believe next year he will be in Kindergarten already. Time goes by too fast.

Man not sure what my problem is but I have not wanted to do anything lately. Like even now..I don't want to work or get things done around the house. I feel like I could just lay down and go to sleep and SLEEP....totally new concept as I am chronically sleep deprived. That is probably WHY I don't feel like doing much. I am too tired!!

Well..enough of this rambling. SHOULD have named my blog that is all I do. as usual for now. Maybe more another time.