Friday, June 27, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

it's a sad day .......

when you realize you could so easily stick a straw in a bottle of French Vanilla flavored creamer and drink it down easier than my beverage of choice....water.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

can you type with gloves on?

I can. I feel like I am freezing quite often these days working here at my desk on the computer and keyboard so I found a pair of gloves and slid them on the other day to see if I could still type with them on. My right hand and body seems to freeze first...not sure why.....I need to discuss things with my doctor probably.

Anyway.....I CAN type and type pretty well with gloves on.....try it sometime!

I am in a pissy mood again today. I do not like being in a pissy mood cause just about anything and everything seems to piss me off even more....all pissing in the pissing pot adding to the pissiness of my mood and day. yeah....did I say PISSY enough?

It makes me want to cuss like a sailor and I don't want to turn into that .....I get angry and bitchy and .....

now I am fighting a migraine on top of everything else.....I am fighting off cravings......and I somehow like an idiot got myself hooked back on flavored creamers and DECAF coffee......what was to be an OCCASIONAL treat yeah well.....has turned into a FREAKIN' need...........a true PHYSICAL need and it is not helping me with my health goals at all.

I have my work cut out for me....and speaking of work.....I am thankful to have a job but work flow has been erratic at best and I am lucky right now to be typing part-time work load. you know why I called my blog BREATHE.........

a highlight coming up I look forward to every year is Hallmark's Keepsake ornament a couple of weekends......July 12 and 13th. You can view their dream book now at this link....


TAG you're it......

My sister Angela at AngieBeth tagged me the other day so I need to answer my questions.

* What was I doing ten years ago? Ten years ago would be 1998.....and I was pregnant with Noah......VERY was June 1998 and I was getting a little bigger and we still lived in an apartment with NO AC and it was in the 100 degrees I sat around naked a lot in front of a fan and took cool minty shower gel baths and showers to cool off!

* Five things on my to do list: 1) Finish losing the rest of my extra weight and be in the best shape of my lifetime! 2) Finish organizing this house! 3) Write my books and get them published. 4) Spend more time doing things with Noah. 5) Quit procrastinating and just DO IT!

* Snacks that I enjoy: Well....the better question would be what SNACKS do you NOT enjoy? Because then I would probably have to say potato chips...because unless they have dip I am not a huge an of potato chips. As far as enjoying snacks....I enjoy popcorn a lot...and cookies, especially my homemade M&M cookies.

* Things I would do if I were a millioniare: All the things we all do not do now because we do not have the money needed to do them....but I would pay off my debts of course and give money to loved ones to help them achieve their a homeless shelter based on the Denver Rescue Mission's shelter in Denver, CO.....start special schools for autistic children and make it mandatory that all teachers be trained in basic autism awareness and characteristics so the autistic kids in the regular classroom would stand a better chance for success....take my grandma to see the ocean...also put vinyl siding on her house....and put up a new fence in her backyard...I would probably also want to start a scholarship program for autistic children....and put money of course aside for my son Noah.

* Places I've lived: Ohio, Florida, Colorado