Friday, April 18, 2003

I sometimes feel so bad about myself Why do I have to lose my temper all the time over dumb things? I HATE that about myself. MUST work on that to STOP it.
Dad: THANKS for the pictures. Looks like Audrey loves the Easter Bunny. I need to send her that other small gift. Cannot believe I forgot that.

Nice here..we are actually getting some rain. Noah and I will color some Easter eggs today. Keith's dad is coming for dinner tonight before he and Keith go to see his daughter LeighAnn's play at school. Noah and I will stay home as I doubt he would sit through a high school play. I am making BBQ ribs, potato salad and baked beans for dinner. Not sure what for dessert. My fridge is pretty full so it will have to be something that does not require refrigeration.

We cleaned the place up. Keith went to Big Lots and found a nice second computer table/cart on sale from 40.00 to 20.00. He brought it home and it only took MINUTES to put it together. I have that second computer from work you know here at home I needed a roll-away cart to put that on and GET IT OFF MY KITCHEN table. So..this is nice. Black metal tubing and shelving...matches the black computer from work. You can roll it into the bedroom closet when not using it or leave it set up out here. We redid our entertainment center to make room for it if we wanted to leave it out here all the time. Is nice. The place is sure looking good. ALL cleaned up out here now and almost all decorated the way I want. I have a couple more things for the living room and kitchen/dining area to get and hang up. I still have to finalize our bedroom and organize it and Noah's and our closets again. We donated a lot of things to charity already. We need to condense Noah's stuff and do some CREATIVE in trunks with lids that can also be used for seating or something. I want the toys to be more out of sight than they are now. Looks like too much sitting around out in the open in tubs or buckets or bins.

Then...we will paint this early summer....want to redo the bathroom and kitchen. WOULD LOVE to put some wainscoating (sp?) under the bar area in the dining room/kitchen. THAT WOULD LOOK Great!! AND then some trim at the bottom or even a foot rail since there are some bar stools there.

We turned our kitchen table around..looks like we have tons more room now. I like it. I banged my head on the kitchen light last night as I forgot it hung so low and with the table moved I rammed right into it!! OH WELL>.hahahah.

I want to put a wallpaper border up in our bedroom and do some murals or something creative in Noah's room. Maybe on Canvas so we can take them down in the future and not have to paint over them and he can keep them. Also want to make some new curtains for his room and maybe some for out here beside our blinds. I would also love to pain at least ONE wall out here in the living room. Just not sure which one. The ceiling really needs painting is one of those POPCORN style and what a pain in the butt that would be. PLUS>.they are super high VAULTED not sure what we will do. I think it would look nice to put wood up there and beams. I bet that would cost a pretty penny.

Anyway...we took our NEW gas grill BACK to HOME DEPOT since the new fire codes for Westminster will not allow anyone living in multiple family dwellings to have open flame grills of any kind on their balcony or patio. We thought about getting an electric one but decided to hold off for now. I would like to do a small fountain. We did get some nice hanging pots with flowers in them. I am also going to plant some flowers in boxes to hang over the balcony railing. Everything is looking nice.

Keith has not heard anything back yet about that position in Columbus. He is thinking they won't be able to offer him enough for him to even consider taking the job. He is also still on vacation this week so maybe they did not want to bother him.

Noah keeps saying he wants to go to Grandma Lincoln's house. He took a picture of Audrey around with him last night....into the kitchen..and to see the new computer table...and then to his bedroom window with him as he talked to her the entire time as if she were really there. Poor kid...would love to actually have someone around his SIZE and family to visit with I guess. He should enjoy his visit tonight with Grandpa Leonard and LeighAnn on Sunday afternoon. We also still need to get over to see Kelley's new baby and Isaak. He likes to play with Isaak who will turn 4 at the end of May.

We were in the car the other day on our way to taking Noah to preschool. I heard him saying something about God..asked him what he was saying. He said "I want to see Jesus lifted high" and "praise His name forever". We were listening to a CD of praise and worship music and he was saying the words to the song. He then wanted to hear that same song over and over. He KNEW the words almost immediately. He then went around singing these songs at very cute. He keeps MY HEAD and thoughts more in perspective!! Kids are so TO THE POINT!! His art work from the art show is going to be on display at this one local library in May with the other kids artwork too. I have pictures still to develop from that show. I have a picture of Noah and his class at school. I will have to scan these and post them on line and send you all a link when I am done.

Well..I need to get those ribs in the crock pot. Noah and I will do cookies probably tomorrow now. I am exhausted from working around here till after 10:00 p.m. last night and then running into work at the hospital for about 30 minutes early this morning (3:00 a.m.). So....lots to do work-wise and then coloring eggs!

MMMMMMM...smells like rain...and my NEW bamboo windchimes sound so pretty!! The birds are singing everywhere.....SPRING is here!



Thursday, April 17, 2003

Wow...been a long time since I wrote in here. Figured I better do it today. Been meaning to do it...seems time slips away and it becomes another day..and another.

Anyway. Noah is such as sweetie pie. He LOVES praise and worship music. SO do Keith and I. I LOVE the fact that HE LOVES IT. We were in the car on the way to his preschool the other day listening to a song. At the end are words.. "praise His name forever and ever"....and I heard Noah saying something. He was singing " I want to see Jesus lifted high" and "praise His name forever". He sure does keep things in perspective for me. Brings it all back to the level of importance life should always be at.

We have had some nice weather lately. Is soon to change and colder temps moving in with rain and possibly even some snow. We will see. We cleaned up the gas grill and took it back to Home Depot since we cannot have any open flame grills now living here at the condo. We thought about getting an electric one but decided to hold off for now.

Got some nice beautiful potted plants and gorgeous. Hung a yellow ribbon and flag outside. Flowers are out there too. We are thinking of a small fountain now in place of the grill. Would be nice. Will probably plant some more flowers in boxes to sit over the balcony rails.

We took Noah putt putt golfing yesterday. We all had a blast. Was so much fun. Did not have my camera. Next time I will take it as there are many good pics to be had there.

We are cleaning up the place today. Lots of sweeping and dusting to do. Have a few decorations up for Easter. Keith's dad is coming to dinner Friday night. SHould be nice. Having BBQ ribs, potato salad and baked beans. Probably orange jello dessert for dessert unless I think of something else. Maybe Texas sheet cake.

Dad is sending me his digital camera. SHould be nice. Not sure why but I will be more than thankful. AND I will use it. He is anxious to see pictures I take with it.

Fought off a migraine today. Probably related to that time of month!! Aren't you glad you read that? better now.

Ran to pick up some packages at the post office this morning. We went to the store yesterday after putt putt golf. Picked up our honey baked ham for Easter. Should be nice.

Need to get busy with all the reorganizing and spring cleaning around here. We did take 5-6 boxes of stuff to charity. MORE to do though. Ordering more home decor too.

Well..I cooked some eggs for us to color later. Will do cookies tomorrow or Saturday. Noah enjoys both. SO DO I. Who knows....Keith may even participate. He can drive me crazy sometimes though. He is super nosey too!! hahaha. Oh well...

Not heard back yet about his possible transfer to Columbus, Ohio. We are both thinking it is probably not going to happen now. I doubt they offer him enough to even consider taking it. We will see.

Well..I need to gather my thoughts. I should not wait so long to type in here. I forget all the good stuff. More later.