Thursday, June 12, 2003

okay.....we got in and out early at the doctors today. Noah did great. Was all well....they checked his penis area. The doctor said it could be another Staph infection but at his age....a Staph infection in that area would look a little different probably and be more like blisters or sores.....she said it looked more to her like a fungal yeast infections or jock itch....ringworm..they are all caused I guess by similar fungus. Anyway...she said I could try over the counter medication for it but she wrote a prescription instead that we got filled at the same clinic. See..out here it is a ONE STOP can see the doctor...and then get labs or x-rays or pick up prescriptions all in the same place. MAKES IT SO NICE. She wrote a prescription out for Nystatin..well ordered it in the computer system. We then walked downstairs and picked it up. She said to use this 4 times per day along with hydrocortisone cream. If he worsens I am to get back in to the doctor right away. He should look better by Monday..if not they probably will have to see him back again.

I told her I found it off he had anything wrong as he has never had any problems especially around his penis or butt area. Course he has had problems around his butt when he has pooped and apparently something he ate did not agree with him and he got a SUPER SORE butt at times from the poop I guess coming into contact with his butt. His cheeks on his butt close to his anus were so sore it even got blistery. OUCH...he would cry. That RARELY happens now but will still sometimes if he has certain things. he for example cannot drink too much apple juice as he will really have loose stools and then get a really really sore butt. Aren't you glad to know all th is??

SO...we are to avoid powder that has cornstarch as that can actually make a fungus worse she said. He is to use this cream and hydrocortisone cream and hopefully he will start to get better. Now when we got home he acted like it was starting to get sore. It was pretty red again too. SO I am sure it is. He keeps wanting someone to pick him up and carry him. I told Keith it probably is a bit uncomfortable to walk?

Anyway...this doctor was not his normal one but we have seen her before. Noah did GREAT there. I had explained what all was going to be done in advance and he did very very well. We let him go to McDonalds afterwards because he had been so good. They have NEMO toys in their Happy Meals. Talk about CUTE!!

I tried (and so did Keith) one of their new salads. SO GOOD! We had grilled chicken cobb salads. THE BEST salad I have had in a LONG time. I was stunned because of being in a fast food place and normally their stuff is not great. I cannot really eat much McDonald food these days but this salad was good. They have 3 kinds you can get...all with chicken either grilled or crusty (fried). Anyway..I told Keith as long as they have those good salads I could eat there. I would not mind having one of those salads everyday as a matter of fact.

So...let's see. He then played for a little bit in the play area...we stopped at the store..and now we are home. Looks like another thunderstorm is moving in.

We went ahead and got Noah's approval slip to start preschool again this fall. He does not have to go back now until he turns 5 for his booster shots. He will get 3 all in his leg!! I HOPE we can prepare him for that day!!

ANd then no more shots until he is like 10 I think unless something comes up. We have been super blessed he has been super healthy and has not really required anything! He never really ever even had a diaper rash. Sol this entire day was odd...him waking up saying he had a boo boo in his underwear....and then seeing his penis/pubic area with a ring around it....just seemed weird to one day be there. You would think I would have seen signs of it before it just showed up.

Well....I am pretty much completely caught up here on work. WHAT A RELIEF> HOPE it stays that way. I am planning on taking some days off next week for vacation. We are probably just going to do some local things and hang around home. We may do some painting in the house too. Not sure.

I have bills to pay this weekend. I sent grandma a letter today. Got these great new labels.....several different neat. They make you want to write to someone or mail out something to USE them.

Let's see....want to go back to Safeway. They are selling these Candle-Lite candles...we picked up a Caramel creme to try. Talk about smelling wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! They have more scents so I want to go and check them out. They also have a web site. I love Village Candles too and Old Virginia and Yankee candles are nice.

We may do Cracker Barrel for breakfast tomorrow morning. Fridays though can sometimes be busy. We will see. I am trying to not eat out too much and BLOW money by doing that.

Well...when I think of more I will write more down later.


Monday, June 09, 2003

WHOOPEEE!! Noah actually POOPED in the potty today! A BIG step for him. He was told yesterday he could not play on the computer anymore unless he started to pee in the potty. I figured we would start there as pooping they say comes later. SO...yesterday he was very upset and did not actually pee in the potty. He did try several times but no luck. I gave him praise for trying but did NOT let him play on the computer This was very hard for me as he looked so pathetic yesterday. BUT...this morning he got up...we went into the bathroom...and he sat down and POOPED right in the potty. I was so happy for him and he was excited about it! SO...he is now playing on his computer and so happy! ME TOO. Hope he can keep up the good work.