Saturday, October 13, 2007


Why is it we tend to hoard old, paid bills and receipts, all sorts of paperwork
Saying we will file it away one day but then never find the time?
The same for items we have accumulated over time that we probably will never use again
We tuck those once-believed treasures down into boxes
Saying we will go through them on a rainy day
Sort and sift....maybe have a garage sale
Or get a filing system and really organize our crap
Yet everything lies idle in those boxes
And on our tables
And around our work space
Crowding us
Trying to suffocate us
Like weighted monkeys on our backs they nag and nag
Screeching for our attention
Yet we do everything in our power to push it all aside and ignore it.
Saving it for tomorrow.
But tomorrows never come
Unless they are forced upon us by circumstances beyond our choosing
Only then are fires lit under our asses to make us move
Only then does it seem we accomplish much in a short period of time

What are we afraid of?
Finally having the free time we were always screaming we never seemed to have?
Realizing perhaps we don't have as much to do with our time as we once believed we would?
What lies behind your closed doors?
Not only in your house
But within your mind
And your soul?
Don't you sometimes wish you had a giant sweeper you could plug yourself into
That with the flip of a switch
Could suck out all the dust and cobwebs from all those nooks and crannies?
All the junk you have fast-fed your brain over time
Performing elite liposuctioning of your brain?

The days start moving so fast they make you dizzy
The months spin past your eyes with each glance
You realized halfway through
It would have been so much easier to have kept up with the pace all along
Instead of trying to play catch up many years later
The perpetual piles continue to build
And you start to wonder if you will ever gain control again
Or if the piles will become giant soul-seeking blobs
Consuming all your time
All your energy
All your drive
Your focus

Copyright ©2007 man&SippingTheVastSpring

I'm in the mood.......

to watch this:

Image Hosted by

I read the book years ago......and loved the story. This is one of those rare instances where I feel the movie held true to the book. I adore the movie probably even more than the book.

There are certain times of the year that make me feel like watching specific movies. I have been feeling the "URGE" to watch this now for about the past week. Guess I will dig it out and give it a go. This is one of those movies where you really are drawn into the characters and their daily lives. I absolutely love it.

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I love how it came on...the music is some of the best from this movie...

you can apparently see the entire movie in 12 parts on You can start here on this account and not only find that movie but some other classics to watch as well! GO HERE!

Of course I am also in the mood to watch "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!" AND Wizard of Oz.......You've Got Mail......

hum......maybe cause they are all usually shown in the fall or have fall in them?

Friday, October 12, 2007

something new at my local library......PLAYAWAYS!

Imagine my surprise to see a relatively new technology at my local behind-the-times library when I stopped in yesterday. NEW audiobooks called PLAYAWAYS! AN entirely NEW more CDs or cassettes or bulky stuff to carry around. They are preloaded audiobooks!

This is about the size of a small calculator.....and all you do is plug in headphones to listen. Can be easily carried with you anywhere you go......very much like an iPod.

Image Hosted by

I did check out one to try......though their selection left a little to be desired.

I also saw this new little gadget on TV ......a credit card sized digital photo album you can carry with you in your wallet or billfold! It stores 50 digital photos!

Image Hosted by

Technology is coming out with amazing things! I also love the digital notepads......where you can write on a legal pad......and it will digitally store all you write...and then using special can upload it to your PC into TYPED TEXT!!!!!!! COULD be the answer to my horrific handwriting woes and maybe something Noah would enjoy using as well!

mixed up!

I am all mixed up this week. Noah is off today so yesterday seemed like Friday! BUT TODAY is actually Friday so I need to get with it.

I have been in a brain fog a lot lately. I don't like that! I find myself not even able to remember how to spell specific words! What the crap is that all about? I mean I spell them phonetically but sometimes not correctly! I shake my head and look at what I attempted and just cannot figure it out. I imagine it is hormone/stress/lots on your mind type related stuff.

Tomorrow is another OSU game. I am really looking forward to watching the game again! I have really enjoyed watching the games this year and NEXT week will be the OSU and MICHIGAN GAME! AND I just will be during a Halloween party my sister is having. YIKES!!!!!!!!!! Of all the games that would have to be the one they televise earlier in the day! Well I am sure there will be chances to see it!

I need to get to work. Story of my life lately.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The envelope...

I looked down at the envelope

Gazing at the ink your hands had placed upon it

My heart racing with excitement

I reached down and touched each formed letter

As if by osmosis my fingers could become entwined with yours

As I turned the envelope over, I thought about the seal

Did you lick it before pressing it shut?

To imagine I was holding in my grasp

Any object your hands let alone your tongue had touched

Was almost too much for me to fathom

I grew quite heady just thinking about it all

I pressed the seal to my nose and deeply breathed in

Hoping I could smell the scent of the gum you chew

I gently broke the seal


So as not to damage the remnants of leftover glue still present

I brought it to my own tongue

And I licked it



With my eyes closed

And I swear I could feel your tongue

And taste the flavor of your gum

As tears spilled forth from my eyes onto my cheeks

My soul longing to be next to yours.

Copyright ©2007 man&SippingTheVastSpring

extra apples......extra canning jars..........equals homemade applesauce!

I decided since I have some extra apples to make some of that crockpot applesauce today and can it. SO it is on cooking now. Soon the house will be smelling great!

The cat loves apples!