Thursday, December 20, 2007


It seems like this month has flown past. Isn't that always the case for November and December? BUT especially December! wonder I have been fighting off migraines nearly every head has been spinning too fast!

Our snow is slowly melting. I found it very amusing that our local weathermen are calling our upcoming temperatures "balmy!" Anything in the high 30s to lower 40s now is considered BALMY!

Christmas is almost here. It is rather odd but I feel very relaxed this year about it all. I am not stressed out and keep wondering what's wrong. I also wonder if any stressed out mode will be kicking my ass any moment now when I least expect it. I don't believe it will.....I feel very cool, calm and collected and know everything will get done that needs to still be completed or bought or wrapped or baked. Part of the reason for me knowing this is because I have greatly simplified my Christmas this year. That has made a huge difference. I am not overly stressed about present buying anymore..realizing the best gift we can truly give to each other is our love and time.

Remember what you give out, project to others, look for in others, you receive back at least tenfold.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

We have had a lot of snow this weekend.....

It started early Saturday morning....and did not let up till Sunday are a few shots out my front door and window to the backyard.

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I have been fighting a half migraine all day. This weather made me want to roast a turkey so I did. I thawed it out last night and enjoyed it today! WOW was it so good and juicy!

Tomorrow Noah's school is on at least a 2-hour delay and they may end up canceling. It is to only be about 14 degrees and windy tonight so that means drifting snow out on the roads in the country where the buses have to he may get a day off yet.

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Are you ready for Christmas yet?