Friday, February 22, 2008

Deck of Me: Week 7-If I could be someone else for a day who would it be and why?

Deck of Me: Week 7-If I could be someone else for a day who would it be and why?

I may have the weeks off

Deck of Me: Week 6 - Talents

Deck of Me: Week 6 - Talents, originally uploaded by racham.

I want to do more mixed media!!

Deck of Me: Week 6 - What one talent do you have that you are proud of and what one talent would you like or plan to develop?

Deck of Me: Week 6 - Talents, originally uploaded by racham.


It is snowing again today. The local schools were either closed or on a 2-hour delay. Noah stayed home cause he does not feel well. Neither do I. My symptoms came on rather suddenly......2 nights ago right at bedtime my throat was really hurting. I slathered VICK's all over me and the next day that felt better but my nose was all congested......sinuses were stopped up. Funny burning, tingling way up inside my nose...What a mess. Whatever this is I have fought it off quicker than normal. I never had a fever that I know of though I had incredible chills. My nose is still a bit screwy and I am blowing and blowing and sneezing and then amazing creatures get hacked up and out.......(yeah I know it is gross!)

Now it is down in my voice box and chest. My nose is still not the best but better. I keep slathering VICKs on me and drinking plenty of fluids and wishing I could lie down to rest but cannot right yet. A steamy shower helped loosen things up this morning.

So here I sit. Should be doing so much. Feeling a little puny. I sort of just wish I could crawl back to bed and sleep it off. I have gone through a box of Kleenex and have moved on to napkins and TP. I have emptied my trash twice filled with snot rags. My fingers are feeling odd because each time I get finished blowing my nose I wash my hands with that alcohol waterless soap I keep at my desk. I let the wetness smear all over my keyboard too to help disinfect it. Now I find I can barely move my fingers as I think I have dried them up and made them stiff from all the alcohol!

And voice is about gone. I started out with a much deeper it is tightening up on me and very difficult to get a peep out of me. Now instead of sounding like Suzanne Pleshette I sound like the Godfather.

I have crafts for DECK OF ME to finish.......but part of me does not really feel like working on it. I never like to get behind and now I owe 2 weeks. HAVE to finish them both before this Monday rolls around.

I had tomato soup for lunch because well....soup sounded good to me. I boiled it over and lost at least half the pan down under the burner. Another mess to clean up.

I shoveled once outside today but may have to do it again. BUT may wait till tomorrow.

later......I need to rest

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

it snowed last night....

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it snowed last night
the sky bears had a pillow fight
and tore up every cloud in sight
and tossed down all the feathers white
oh it snowed last night
snowed last night
snowed last night

anyone else remember that childhood song?

Tonight is the lunar eclipse. I am gonna try to snap a few shots if I can see it. Lots to do on this end. I have 2 weeks of DECK OF ME to finish hopefully today. WHY today? Because I AM FEELIN' it today.

Need to run for now.