Friday, January 19, 2007

found a way to do separate pages......adding LABELS....duh

okay....for now......this will be a much better way to keep track of what I have here and a way to find things easier. I was so ticked everything was a jumbled mixed mess and you could not easily find things without scrolling through all my crap!

This makes it so much better. I have NOT gone back through my entire blog to label everything...that would take awhile since I have been at it since 2002 here. SO......I did about halfway......and then stopped. Blogger was messing up a lot and I was tired. AND.....I will slowly add some things here that I had at EFX2 before.....things about quantum physics, philosophy, manifesting and more Native American stuff and spiritualism. It will be a process. I wish there were a way to quickly import that stuff....and there might be......I just have not had time to check into it. Anyway.......for now if you are like wanting to see my photos......I now have a section for it. I will add recipes too later as I have a ton.....I just have not yet added them here to blogger. I had a separate page for that type of thing at ModBlog and EFX2......and in Multiply I think I have those things labeled. They may even be separate. Anyway......the labels taking you to a separate page containing the goods is great in my book!

I am sleepy. So sleepy in fact as I sit here working it is all I can do to keep my head from slumping forward and hitting the keyboard! I find as I am proofreading I tend to DOZE OFF! now that is sad.......

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Melinda, mom of Noah said...

yeah it will be much easier and nicer.....problem is.....I have such varied interests I will likely have an entire 3/4 page list of categories!