Tuesday, January 16, 2007

benefits of making love....

Its important to remember that making love is a type of exercise. When in a healthy, committed, and loving relationship making love can be very healthy. Making love is amongst one of the healthiest forms of exercise and is a great stress reliever. There is also evidence to suggest that making love can relieve headaches and enhance the general well being of the human body. Having sex or making love three times a week for the whole year would be the equivalent of jogging 75 miles. Sex increases the supply of oxygen making the human body healthier. There is also evidence to suggest that sex can balance out the good and bad cholesterol as well as reducing the overall cholesterol count. There is also some evidence to suggest that pain can be relieved through regular sex. Studies on women show that sex can reduce the risk of heart disease. The advantage for men is an increase in bone and muscle strength although this is an advantage of all exercise. Finally sex can help ease depression.


Melinda, mom of Noah said...

hahah...you already know the answer to that! men are much different than women...physiologically...physically......emotionally....

There is the obvious....it occurs in the bed usually at night...you expend a lot of energy and the fact that in order to reach orgasm PET scans have shown you have to give up most fears and anxiety during that time which in and of itself is soothing and relaxing...making one more prone to sleepiness......but......there are real physiological reasons....

Then there's the biochemistry of the orgasm itself....research shows that during ejaculation, men release a cocktail (interesting way to describe it!) of brain chemicals, including norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nitric oxide (NO), and the hormone prolactin.

The release of prolactin is linked to the feeling of sexual satisfaction... and it also mediates the “recovery time” that men are well aware of...the time a guy must wait before “giving it another go.”

*Studies have also shown that men deficient in prolactin have faster recovery times.

and for more inquiring minds:

Prolactin also explains why men are sleepier after intercourse than after masturbation. For unknown reasons, intercourse orgasms release four times more prolactin than masturbatory orgasms, (according to a recent study.)

Oxytocin and vasopressin, two other chemicals released during orgasm, are also associated with sleep.

Their release frequently accompanies that of melatonin, the primary hormone that regulates our body clocks.

Oxytocin is also thought to reduce stress levels, which again could lead to relaxation and sleepiness.

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

so to make a long story short....you are giving of your life force/energies unto her......and she receives it......so you become weaker and have to literally rejuvenate......while she becomes more energized because of the energies you have given her. Here...when I was researching sacred sex and taoist viewpoints on sex....I discovered this that explains it far better than I could (WHICH I KNOW you already KNOW tony)

While sexual excitement remains one of the most effective means of stimulation vital hormone production in both men and women, women have the additional mechanisms of menstruation and pregnancy to promote production of sexual hormones, even in the absence of sexual intercourse.

Men, on the other hand, have no such alternative mechanism, and for them sexual intercourse remains the best way to stimulate hormone production. As a person gets older, it stands to reason that sexual intercourse grows ever more important as a form of preventative therapy against disease and aging.

When enhanced secretions from the male 'kidney-glands' are preserved through properly disciplined intercourse without ejaculation, they enter the bloodstream, travel throughout the body, and prevent hair loss, skin wrinkling, poor muscle tone, arthritis, rheumatism, impotence and other disasters associated with aging.

For Taoists, the issue of sexual intercourse in old age is not a moral or social one- it's a matter of life and health.

To keep things in perspective, lets again verify this fundamental Taoist view point with some solid medical evidence from Western science.

A recent study conducted in America revealed that frequent sexual intercourse considerably relieves the chronic pain of rheumatism in elderly couples by stimulating secretion of cortisone in the adrenal cortex. According to the Taoist view, the adrenal cortex is the gland most directly influenced by sexual excitement.

On the other hand, according to Western science, excessive coitus inhibits adrenal functions in the male. Since 'coitus' includes ejaculation in Western medical and sexual terminology, we see that the Taoist view that excessive ejaculation ruins the 'kidney-glands' in men is essentially correct.

In both men and women , sexual secretions contain many pure, potent, biochemically active substances: hormones, enzymes, proteins, vitamins and other elements.

When female secretions are released into the warm, moist environment of the vagina during intercourse, they come into direct contact with the sensitive, paper-thin skin of the man's blood engorged penis. Body heat opens wide the pores of this stretched skin, and the rhythmic rubbing of vagina and penis caused biochemically significant amounts of female 'essence' to be absorbed by the male.

In fact, less than a pinhead quantity of essential hormone suffices to exert profound physiological effects upon the entire endocrine system once it enter the bloodstream. In the sexually excited male, blood courses powerfully through the penis and picks up whatever hormones are absorbed in the vagina by friction and osmosis. Similarly, the spongy tissues of a woman's vagina absorb active elements from her own secretions and from male semen after a man ejaculates inside.

For women, frequent intercourse with orgasm is the most efficient method of cultivating sexual essence and energy. For men, frequent intercourse with infrequent ejaculation is the key technique for cultivating sexual essence and energy.

Furthermore, retaining semen during intercourse enables a man not only to preserve and reabsorb his own essence, it also enables him to prolong the act sufficiently for his partner to reach full orgasm, thereby releasing her most potent secretions for his benefit. In effect, he 'kills' two birds with one stone, preserving his own essence while releasing and absorbing hers.

As noted earlier, a mans sexual responses are largely limited to his penis (the four Attainments), whereas a woman's occur throughout her body (Five signs, Ten Indications). The same goes for sexual secretions. A man's essence comes mainly from his sexual organ, but a woman emits essence from all 'Three Peaks': tongue, nipples and vagina. Men who practice Tao benefit from all three 'libations'.

In Secrets of the Jade Bedroom, Peng-Tze points out the medicinal benefits of the 'upper libation', but her states clearly that only the saliva secreted 'during intercourse' contains the magic elixir: "During intercourse, if a man takes in a lot of the woman's saliva, it will purify his stomach like medicinal broth".

As for the potent therapeutic value of the 'middle libation' secreted from a woman's nipples, Western medical science has uncovered in the last 15 years evidence that tends to confirm the traditional Taoist view.

It has been firmly established that mother's milk contains powerful immunity factors secreted from certain glands in the breasts which protect nursing infants from a wide range of degenerative diseases. It is logical to assume, therefore, that the ducts that produce these immunity factors in a woman's breast may be stimulated to secrete those factors by a combination of intense sexual excitement and strong, prolonged sucking of the nipples during intercourse, and that these secretion form the 'Great Libation of the Middle Peak'.

Regarding the lower libation, it should be noted that Taoist have always regarded cunnilingus as an excellent way to absorb this elixir, although they advise against fellatio ('blowing the flute') owing to the risk of uncontrolled ejaculation.

That covers cultivation of sexual essence through intercourse.

Now let's take a look at the energy situation. According to Tao, a brief burst of explosive energy occurs when a man or woman reaches orgasm. Western science has already established that, at the point of sexual orgasm, human brain wave patterns alter radically, literally putting the person into an 'altered state of consciousness'. Profound physiological and electrical changes occur throughout the system during orgasm, and a burst of energy is indeed emitted. Partners may absorb one another's burst of sexual energy at the moment of orgasm by following three basic guidelines:

* keep your head nuzzled under your partner's ear when he or she ejaculates in order to avoid inhaling the 'muddy breath' exhaled at that moment. Owing to the intense 'fire' that occurs in the lower abdomen during orgasm, this burst of breath is regarded as a sort of waster product.

* Hug your partner very tightly and maintain maximum surface contact between your skins. At orgasm, the entire body radiates energy from its surface contact.

* Press and rub the public regions closely together. The biggest burst of sexual energy during orgasm naturally occurs in the region of the 'Sea Of Energy' (chee-hai), located below the navel.

Now let's take a look at the various possibilities for exchanging essence and energy between Yin and Yang during intercourse.

If the man ejaculates before the woman reaches orgasm, she gains the benefits of both his semen-essence and his energy, while he loses both and gains neither of hers. If the couple ejaculates at the same moment, the woman again gains the man's essence and energy, but the man gains only her burst of energy, because he loses his erection before it has had a chance to absorb the essential secretions of her orgasm.

If the man controls himself long enough for the woman to reach orgasm then suppresses his own ejaculation, he absorbs both his own and her essence as well as her energy, while she still derives the benefits of reabsorbing a measure of her own sexual secretions. The fourth and final alternative is for the man to permit himself and ejaculation (when his emission schedule calls for it) after his partner has reached orgasm, but only after he has spent some time 'dragging the Yin essence in through the Yang peak'. In this case, both partners absorb each other's sexual essence and energy in a perfectly balanced coition.

For a man who has thoroughly mastered the techniques of ejaculation control, there are additional steps he may take to facilitate absorption of female secretions and to further stimulate re-absorption of his own semen-essence.

The first method is to 'thrust inward fiercely but draw outward slowly, thereby dragging the Yin essence in through the skin of the Yang peak'.

Swelling and contracting the penis deep inside the vagina by deliberately flexing the muscles of the penile shaft is another highly recommended technique for promoting absorption of Yin essence during intercourse. After the woman has experienced one or more orgasms and is thoroughly satisfied, the man should start thrusting again deeply and rhythmically. When the pressure to ejaculate mounts, he should stop and 'return the semen' to his prostate, using methods introduced in chapter 7-Ejaculation Control (HPS on line highly recommends that you purchase Dan Reids book, The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity and learn these methods to promote your health and sexual prowess). When his semen is back under control and his heart once again calm, he may repeat this process again, three to five times.

The prolonged friction between Jade Gate and Jade Stem facilitates absorption of Yin essence, while the excitement of repeatedly approaching the brink of ejaculation greatly increases a man's own internal sexual secretions. Such serial retention's also redirect the man's unexploded sexual energy inward and upward. This can often be felt coursing up along the spine as 'goose bumps' or as heat waves at various points in the body.

Men should not attempt this method of 'pumping up' extra essence and energy by repeatedly 'playing with the fire' of ejaculation until they have first mastered semen retention and established their own ideal ejaculation frequencies.

Otherwise, they risk the loss of even more essence and energy than normal owing to enhanced secretions when a man is due for emission because it primes the prostate with extra semen and thus increases the loss due to ejaculation. It should be done only when semen is to be retained. The old adage 'practice makes perfect' applies to this and all the other methods used in the Tao of Yin and Yang, and these practices must be mastered step by step.

To borrow another adage, 'to the victor go the spoils'.

A sexually active man who is unwilling to hone his sexual skills and correctly adjust his attitudes in preparation for the 'flowery battlefield' of sexual intercourse will, sooner or later, deplete his sexual potency, dissipate his vital energy, lose his immunity and foreshorten his life.

Such men become as expendable to the species- and as useless to women- as drones driven from the beehive.

Melissa said...

I know when I used to have frequent headaches/migraines, sex always helped make them better.