Saturday, June 09, 2007

weaning OFF cream!

I weaned myself years ago off sugar and cream in my coffee to drinking it BLACK. No problems. Somewhere along the way once Starbucks came out with fancy flavored coffees and lattes......and then FLAVORED CREAMERS hit the stores....well.......I decided to TREAT myself OCCASIONALLY with flavored cream in my coffee. NO trans fat....NO cholesterol......not too many calories......little fat.....however......there is SUGAR in it. Yeah right. This was about 18 months ago....maybe 2 years......

Needless to OCCASIONAL treats quickly became a physical "fix" I NEEDED to satisfy every day...with EVERY cup of coffee. NOW I can drink a cup of coffee black but do not feel FULL or satisfied unless it has the flavored CREAM in it. I realized I am ADDICTED. AND flavored cream is not cheap. I need to break myself....I NOW need to wean myself off cream!

I am here to tell you......if you can......just don't ever start something like that to begin with .....cause it is much easier to avoid it than to have to endure the process of breaking free from it all over again! I sit here SIPPING my flavored creamed up cup of coffee...realizing it will be the last time I likely buy flavored cream....I have to stop. That extra SUGAR and calories does my body no good.

AND speaking of body....I am thrilled to say the big toe I almost cut off years ago that seemed to be FROZEN and I could not really bend it properly tingling again and I can NOW MOVE it and even stand on my tiptoes on that foot which is something I have not been able to do for years! It is like it is coming back to life....I honestly never thought it would ever happen again. It is the strangest feeling to be able to FEEL my toe again. AND have it move.

TAKING care of your body pays off so immensely...I cannot stress it enough. As with the is much easier to take care of it to begin with than to try to rectify screwing it up later! I am thankful I have come to remember how much I LOVE TO MOVE my body......and LOVE TO FEEL MY MUSCLES' PRESENCE.....I feel more alive.....and I can feel my muscles actually being used and developing is incredible. It just psychs me out! I have become almost obsessed with working out again and I am thankful. I LOVE to feel my stomach muscles HURT because I have done so many hundred crunches for the day. I think that is a better FIX than sucking down the creamed up coffee (yes I am trying to convince myself). I am brainwashing myself....I am good at it.

I thank God for giving me a body that responds quickly but crap I am going to miss my creamed coffee!


Delcano said...

I got weaned from my cream years ago. Hee hee I take it black only.
Enjoy weaving thru your mind.


Melinda said...

yes I had been drinking my coffee BLACK all the time too.......and about oh 1-2 years ago when Starbucks came out with flavored lattes......well...I found flavored creamers...and it all changed very quickly after that! I have become almost dependent on it! NOT GOOD! I have to let it go! Those calories and the sugar adds up!