Tuesday, June 05, 2007


DO NOT say you will CALL or call us back...if you have no intentions of doing so. If something happens to screw that up.....with technology the way it is nowadays in the form of voicemail, email, personal messages, or the actual freaking phone itself....you really have NO excuse not to easily be able to rectify it...or SEND an excuse for your illogical behavior to your loved one's way.

I know a lot of women. I AM a woman. I know of NO women who do not get royally PISSED OFF and HURT when a man says they will call and then for whatever reason ......DON'T!

It is just plain rude and totally inconsiderate. I am sure if we said the same and did the same.....you MEN would not like it either.

hum....perhaps that is something we women should all try......save for the fact MOST of us WOMEN also do not like to PLAY FREAKIN GAMES!

okay.......I am signing off to breathe now......

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Melissa said...

Oh yeah, this is one of my pet peeves. If you don't have time to call back, just send an email and say it, and don't say it to begin with!