Sunday, June 03, 2007

If I Could...

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If I could,
I would smooth out all the creases in your brow
And fill in all those gaps in your heart that others have left behind
The holes that have been carelessly placed over time
And those whose precision was engineered from the onset
So even though your heart be pierced
It could come to know and recognize true joy
Happiness and love
So powerful, so fulfilling,
It would be as if it were rebirthed
To start anew, fresh, unscathed
Only ready to receive
Beating to receive
Yearning to receive

If I could,
I would take my hands and ease the load you carry on your back
As well as in your mind
I would remove the worries you fight against each day
And replace them with certainty
I would remove the doubts and fears replaying in your mind
And replace them with security and truth
So even though there be furrows in your thoughts
I could flood them with goodness and love
Till their banks were overflowing
You would become saturated like a sponge
Filled with love
Renewed by love
Empowered by love
Embraced by love

If I could,
I would help you to open your eyes, to see what is already standing before you
Waiting patiently, ready
Wanting only to give you the best,
Everything you have ever desired
I would remove the anxieties
And replace them with loyalty and trust
So you would never have to wonder
Who I belonged to
Who I was made for
Who I am being given to
Who I desire

If I could,
I would open your ears, so you could hear these words
Spoken softly yet deliberately
With much intention and purpose
So your soul would become filled with passion and life
Each fiber tingling with excitement
Of what the future holds
Once we are together
And just when I believe my heart and soul
Could not possibly be filled with more love for you
They are showered upon yet again
Thus they remain perpetually drenched
Overflowing, waiting, to rain upon yours.

Copyright ©2007 man&SippingTheVastSpring

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