Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tuesday morning......June 5-2007

It was a cool wet night. (sounds like the opening to a cheap novel). We had a lot of storms pass through the area and some torrential downpours a few times.

Noah and I went to K-Mart last night and I got some new bedding and curtains for my bedroom finally. I went back and got some more sheers for my living room window. They had sheets on sale so I grabbed some navy ones for Noah's bed and some to match my new bedding. I had to verify they were on sale......got that all cleared by K-Mart and then rung up for the correct price...but once home I am not sure the queen size stuff was also supposed to be on sale or not. It was all very confusing last night. If you go by the signs....it appeared all sizes were marked down. However...their ad I checked once home only said twin size. I had the manager go back with me and he said to give them to me for the sale price. I am thinking someone had the wrong signs up for the ad but because they were I got them for that price. I feel guilty for taking them at that price now.

I also had ordered a HUGE order from GNC. It got detained from delivery...and I called them to yes......COMPLAIN. I finally got my order after I called my own local post office to find out where it was.....as it showed it had been delivered and I had not received it. THEN I get an email from GNC that shows they sent out a second DUPLICATE order.....which was NOT cheap......to me......for only 1 cent for each item! Because of the hassle with my order and delivery issues and stuff. I was amazed and stunned and feel guilty about that!

I am thankful for those things and the fact I got sheer curtains on sale for 7.00 a panel making it POSSIBLE for me to finally add some curtains to my windows in my home. One year later. I love the clean look of the blinds only but some sheers are nice as they blend in with the blinds and walls and do not really make the rooms feel smaller and they allow plenty of light to still come through but some privacy when I want it. SO I am thankful for that as well.

It looks like another storm is coming in. I need to rush out and try to mow I think before that happens or I may not get another chance!

My server for my job is down...so we cannot even work till that is fixed which was supposed to have occurred last night but has not yet.

SO I am going to be switching my schedule around today I guess and hope the server gets fixed before too long!

This is probably one of the most boring posts ever!


Melissa said...

Our computer network drive was down today too. It finally came back up close to the end of the day.

Mom said...

Sounds like you got a couple of good deals. Good for you. Pays to complain, and as far as feeling guilty, you shouldn't. They should make sure they have things marked correctly.

We've gotten NO rain. Going to run over and see Mom awhile this evening, after I give your Dad some supper.

Last evening he went along, and then Becky and Margaret showed up also.

Mom said all of the people commented on how well behaved little Noah was sitting listening to the banjo player.
Love you