Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday June 2, 2007

I cannot believe we are halfway through 2007 already! June marks the halfway point! It seems like only yesterday it was Christmas!

Today we have had a few storms roll through. Sometimes they are pretty good downpours. Then the sun comes back out. It feels like a jungle humid. Your lungs feel like they collapse when you go to take a breath in.

Today I am having an extremely difficult time focusing on my work or much of anything else. It drives me crazy when I get like this as I get little done and it takes me a very LONG time to do it!

Noah goes to his orthopedic doc on Monday. Hopefully that will go well.

Otherwise...part of me just feels like lying down and taking a nice nap, WHICH I cannot do right now anyway.

Tomorrow is our family reunion. I am not planning on going. I have my reasons. Noah and I instead will probably go see Grandma C. for a nice visit in the rehab center.

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