Sunday, May 27, 2007

I love football...but especially college football...

and one thing I have missed is this specific area to live in .....because the college football "FEELING" is so much greater. I have missed it and I have missed seeing all the Ohio State games on television. I used to follow them around to most all their games years ago....what a blast that was! The atmosphere of college ball is nothing like least not to me. If I had to pick I would likely choose college games any day. NOT to say I don't enjoy watching other football games. I have missed it more than I realized. The sites, the smells, the atmosphere is such a rush and reminds one I suppose of their youth.....high school football....but to the extreme! AND for me there is something about seeing the men in their uniforms! DAMN.... Ohio State has always had such incredible team spirit.....for me it all started way back with Woody Hayes!

Their band is simply is a clip: OHIO STATE BAND

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