Wednesday, May 30, 2007


The men working next door on the neighbor's roof actually got a lot done today. I did not envy them being up on a roof in the heat and humidity we had.

I did not mow. My grass now looks too high for my little electric mower to probably handle. SO I will have to call the man out to mow...tomorrow or Friday.

Noah and I checked some schools out today. He seems more than willing and ready to try it again and I am going to let him. SO we have a lot of papers to fill out and some testing to do. More on that later.

We stopped by the landlord's house today to pay our rent. WOW...they have a very nice home. They also had dog (Sassy) that Noah just loved and it was a friendly dog. Noah did not want to leave when it was time to go. He actually started crying and wanted to know if we could go back tomorrow to visit them again. The landlord's wife was moved by that and told him to come back and visit sometime as she would be there all summer. We may just have to surprise them sometime. They are both very very nice people and I feel comfortable talking and visiting with them. When I explained to Noah that these people would not be like visiting family though I would have no problems visiting with them, he said "they are family"...which made me realize yes they are. It does not really make any difference to him if they are blood family or not and that is how it should be in the world today.

I have to try to do some more work now, now that there is some. This is hard for me to do because I just recently switched from nights back to early mornings and I am so ready for bed right now!


Martin Stickland said...

Good morning!!

I just watched the American football clip you posted down below, it is amazing what we can do with mind over matter.

I wish you and your son well.

Kind Regards from sunny old England!


Melinda, mom of Noah said...

thank you! It is a very inspiring clip. I also finally ordered the movie so I am anxious to watch it!

Thanks for stopping by...and I also appreciate you stopping by mom's blog. She really enjoys your visits as she talks about you a lot!

Patty said...

I see Martin found your blog. He's always doing something funny on his blog. And it's amazing how many festivals and holidays the little island he lives on holds. You should go there and check them out. He has a wife and two small sons, Jake and Toby, well I think they are probably around 8 and 10 now, but they might be older.

Good luck getting back on a day schedule. Things will probably seem upside down for a while.
Love you both.

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

I have been on a day schedule for some time now mom and I like it and can get more work done. However...with the holiday we got all caught up because some of the hospitals and clinics were closed so we have been out of work in the mornings but it picks up as the day goes on. THIS means I have to work later or even at night again...but still try to get back up and here in the mornings too. It is hard as that wears me out some.